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Heat pump FAQs

aroTHERM heat pump side view outside house

Replacing a fossil-fuelled boiler or direct electric heating system with a heat pump is a considered purchase.

Some key points to think about are:

  • Have I reduced the heat escaping my home as much as reasonably possible?
  • Has the cavity wall been filled (if applicable)?
  • Has loft insulation been completed to a high standard?
  • Are my windows double or triple glazed?
Before replacing your heating system you should make sure you have made your home as efficient as possible first.

Find out more at the Energy Saving Trust.

It is important that your installer thoroughly assesses the heating and hot water requirements of the property to select the correct size of heat pump and heating system, and get the best performance. They will need to complete a survey and heat loss calculation of the building to do this.

Watch our video on heat pump myth busting:

What is a heat loss calculation

The installer will visit you to review and assess the fabric of your property, using a calculation method called MIS 3005 to complete a room-by-room heat loss calculation.

This will show how much heat each of your home’s rooms require to keep warm in the middle of winter - this is known as the peak heating requirement.

The installer will then recommend any changes to your system, possibly replacing radiators, the size of hot water cylinder and the size of the heat pump your property needs to keep you warm and comfortable.

More information and funding FAQs

  • Where can I go to find out more information about heat pumps?

    Homeowners considering a heat pump should visit our heat pump knowledge area for more information and if they wish to go ahead quickly, they can find a local installer for their heat pump system.

  • When is the heat pump grant available?

    As part of this announcement, ‘The Boiler Upgrade Scheme’, homeowners in England and Wales will be offered subsidies of £7,500 to help them replace gas boilers with low carbon heat pumps.

    Find out if you're eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme here

  • Will the £7,500 grant cover all costs, including installation?

    Once your installer has completed the site survey and completed the MIS 3005 calculations they will be able to offer you a quote.

    Currently, it is unlikely that the £7,500 will cover the full costs of your new heating system installation. This will vary from home to home and the amount of work required, however, you should be prepared to make a contribution to your heat pump system.

Is there anything else that should be considered?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is going to be available untill April 2028.

If your home is currently unsuitable speak with your MCS installer as well as visiting the Energy Saving Trust to see what improvements you can make to make your home low-carbon ready.