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Smart Home Subscriptions

Have complete piece of mind when it comes to your home heating.
woman holding a cup of tea standing looking out a large window in a flat

Vaillant's free Smart Home Subscription provides you with an insight into the performance and efficiency of your home heating system. With a simple installation of our myVAILLANT connect internet gateway; benefit from quick and easy assisted appliance support from a Vaillant technician, quarterly appliance health check reports and energy optimisation tips.

  • Smart reassurance with appliance health checks

    Total reassurance with a quarterly health check report to check key system components are running to optimum performance.
  • Handy hints & tips

    With the quarterly health check report, we’ll even send handy hints and tips on how to increase the energy efficiency of your heating system.
  • Assisted appliance support

    myVAILLANT connect monitors the health of your appliance meaning that if an error should occur, you'll receive a notification through the myVAILLANT connect App.
man looking at his phone in his living room

Smart comfort with quick and easy assisted appliance support

myVAILLANT connect monitors the health of the appliance and if a problem should occur, you will receive a notification in the app of the issue. If you contact our technical team, they can remotely access your heating system to provide an in-depth fault analysis and help to resolve the issue quickly.

Activating a Smart Home Subscription is easy. Simply log into myVAILLANT Web with your myVAILLANT app details or select sign up, and follow the step-by-step guide. In order to gain the full benefits of Smart Home Subscriptions, please ensure you have a myVAILLANT connect internet gateway installed with your home heating system.

Appliance health check reports

Total reassurance with a quarterly appliance health check report to check that everything is running okay.

You’ll receive the following information about your appliance*:
Water pressure
Gas supply
Safety and control elements
System pump
Expansion vessel

*Available information may differ depending on your system.

Sign up to myVAILLANT Web to activate your Smart Home Subscription