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Vaillant have been providing comfort to millions for over 149 years. With vast experience in heating and hot water, combined with innovative products and second-to-none after sales service, we are one of the world’s leading environmentally friendly heating and hot water technology manufacturers.

Equipped with the latest heat pump technology The aroTHERM plus

The award-winning aroTHERM plus air source heat pump combines heating and hot water in a single solution. It is equipped with the latest heat pump technology making it a future proof heating solution. The natural refrigerant used enables above-average performance; at the same time it has a particularly low global warming potential, which makes aroTHERM plus extremely eco-friendly.

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All our products at a glance

Heat pumps work by extracting thermal energy and converting it into heating and hot water to your home. This can help to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by replacing the reliance on fossil fuels with a more renewable energy source.

Air source heat pumps are the UK’s most popular heat pump as they are suitable for most homes and use energy from the outside air, requiring less additional installation. Ground source heat pumps use either a ground array or a borehole system to extract heat from the ground. Water source heat pumps meanwhile use submerged pipework for energy extraction and are the most energy efficient heat pumps, but are also the most limited in their suitability.

Vaillant heat pumps are designed and tested to operate in extreme cold, and most are also Quiet Mark awarded as some of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

At Vaillant, we offer different types of gas boilers to suit every living space. There are three main types of boilers available, combi, system and open vent (sometimes called regulat and conventional boilers).

To figure out the best boiler for you, consider the size of your home, how much heating and hot water you need, and your budget.

Combination boilers are suitable for smaller properties with both hot water and central heating needs, while system boilers are better for higher hot water demands and require a water cylinder.

Open vent boilers are best for homes with simultaneous hot water usage in multiple rooms, also requiring a cylinder for storage.If you’re upgrading your system or want a like for like replacement, our boilers offer the highest quality, reliability and performance with guarantees of up to 10 years available.

We produce a range of thermostats and controls to help you manage your heating and hot water needs. Our eBUS software allows Vaillant controls to communicate seamlessly with the rest of your Vaillant heating system. This technology allows you to be fully in charge of your heating, helping you to save money on energy bills, as well as make your home more energy-efficient.

We offer a variety of control options to suit your household needs, from simple analogue timers for easy of use, programmable room thermostats for households with regular routines, or internet connected SMART controls that work alongside our companion app for total heating system control wherever you are.

Many of our internet-connected controls can also be paired with our thermostatic radiator valves for room by room temperature control.

Vaillant hot water cylinders are expertly designed and engineered to work in perfect harmony with your Vaillant heating system, whether they are working alongside a heat pump or boiler. Hot water cylinders (also known as hot water tanks) are used to store heated water ready for use, and are a required part of any heating system featuring a system boiler, open vent boiler, or a renewable solutions such as a heat pump.

These heating systems often use cylinders due to their large capacity for water storage, making system/open vent boilers and heating systems the recommended choice for homes with high heating requirements.

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The latest heat pump technology Is my home suitable for a heat pump?

Heat pumps are suitable for all homes and are becoming more of a deciding choice for our customers who are looking to lower their energy usage. Find out more about what heat pump would suit your home

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