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Vaillant Group UK Limited ("Vaillant") Heat Pump Guarantee Terms and Conditions

To receive the full benefits of the guarantee the following terms and conditions must be followed or your claim may be rejected.

If your installer advises you of a heat pump fault, please contact Vaillant Group Service on 0330 100 3540.

1. The installation of your heat pump must be carried out by a suitably competent engineer with relevant valid certification.

2. The heat pump must be installed fully in accordance with the installation manual and these terms and conditions as well as all prevailing building control regulations and local regulations.

3. The Benchmark logbook must be completed by the installer at the point of installation and retained on site for inspection during an engineer's visit.

4. The guarantee will commence from the date of installation. To validate this Vaillant will require proof of purchase – i.e. an invoice or completed Benchmark logbook, without which the guarantee will commence from the date of manufacture, as shown on the heat pump data plate.

5. Please ensure that you register your heat pump with us within 30 days of it being installed, by providing us with the full 28-digit serial number of the heat pump and any other details that we reasonably require from you. Failure to register within this time period will result in the guarantee reverting to 12 months from the date of installation, provided that your Benchmark logbook has been completed in accordance with these terms and conditions. If your Benchmark logbook has not been completed in accordance with these terms and conditions, the guarantee will revert to 12 months from the date of manufacture of the heat pump.

6. The heat pump should be serviced annually by either the Vaillant Service organisation or other suitably competent engineer with relevant valid certification in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If the heat pump has not been serviced annually the heat pump guarantee will become invalid.

7. The guarantee will cover all major components of the heat pump against manufacturing defects from the installation date, provided that the heat pump is not beyond economic repair. If the heat pump is beyond economic repair, the guarantee will not cover the replacement of such components.

8. If any spare parts are used as part of the services under the guarantee, those spare parts will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months (against defective material/faulty workmanship) and shall be replaced free of charge. Please note that the guarantee on any replacement parts does not extend the duration of the guarantee beyond the original term.

9. Invoices for attendance and repair of this heat pump by third parties will not be accepted for payment unless pre-authorised in writing by Vaillant.

10. If a failure of the heat pump is caused by contaminated water or contaminated glycol in the system, this may result in the engineer's visit becoming chargeable.

11. Moving the heat pump to another property without our written consent may invalidate the guarantee.

12. Please ensure that:

  • your system has been flushed prior to heat pump installation, to ensure that there are no contaminates;
  • the water circulating within the heat pump is checked for hardness and salinity and correctly and fully inhibited prior to the installation of the heat pump;
  • the water circulating in the heat pump is maintained in a clean condition and kept correctly inhibited throughout the heat pump's life cycle;
  • relevant frost protection measures are in place (e.g. glycol, anti-frost valves); and
  • your heat pump is serviced each calendar year. The cost of the annual service is not included in the guarantee and service details must be recorded in the Benchmark logbook and made available for inspection during any engineer's visit.

13. The guarantee does not include cover for fair wear and tear, wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions,accidental damage or negligence by you or by any third party and failure by you or any third party to operate or use the heat pump in accordance with the operating instructions.

14. The guarantee does not cover installation in mobile leisure accommodation vehicles – i.e. boats, caravans etc.

15. The guarantee does not cover consequential losses relating to any other costs or expenses caused by or arising as a result of the breakdown of the heat pump.

16. All installation related, non-heat pump or external system fault calls may result in the engineer's visit becoming chargeable.

17. Health and safety is paramount to us and if our engineers cannot gain safe access to the heat pump or an engineer cannot gain access to the property then our abortive charge may apply.

18. You may be required to pay a refundable deposit in respect of an engineer's visit, which will be returned in full if the diagnosed fault is covered by the guarantee.

19. This guarantee is in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights in relation to any product that is faulty or not as described. More information on your statutory rights can be obtained from Citizen's Advice at

20. The use of any non-genuine Vaillant spare parts in any repair may invalidate the guarantee.

21. In registering the guarantee please note that Vaillant will share your personal data with its business partners in order toassist with the administration of the guarantee.

22. The guarantee is provided to you by Vaillant Group UK Limited, (registered in England with Company Registration No.00294316) of Nottingham Road, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1JT. Should your heat pump develop a fault please contact your original installer or alternatively contact Vaillant Group Service on 0330 100 3540.

23. The guarantee is valid for installation in domestic dwellings in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

24. The terms of this guarantee are subject to the laws of England and Wales and any dispute arising from this guarantee shall be decided under those laws and before a court or tribunal in England.