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What is Boiler Plus?

Woman using a sensoHOME smart control

What you'll learn

  • What is Boiler Plus?
  • Who is affected by Boiler Plus regulations?
  • How to comply with Boiler Plus regulations
  • Boiler Plus in Scotland and Wales

What is Boiler Plus?

Boiler Plus is government legislation that aims to regulate and improve the way homes use energy by increasing the efficiency of their heating systems. If you’re looking to update your heating system, or simply want to ensure you are receiving the best efficiency possible, we’ll help you understand the steps necessary to comply with the government regulation, as well as answer a number of questions frequently asked on the topic.

There are a number of ways you can comply with the Boiler Plus regulations. We have outlined the absolute requirements below:

  • Your heating system must meet or exceed an ErP (energy-related products) efficiency of 92% during operation
  • All installations must have time and temperature controls fitted, if they aren't already present and working correctly

Who is affected by Boiler Plus regulations?

All households are subject to the government-led rules set out, meaning that any new boiler installations after April 2018 must comply with the standards. Any boilers already installed in a home will not be subject to the regulations.

Woman using a sensoROOM pure room thermostat

How to comply?

In addition, combi boilers, which make up a significant proportion of the market will require one of four additional requirements to be fitted. Your installer will discuss each requirement with you to figure which one will best suit your circumstances. It will mean each installation will include a consultancy aspect needed for each boiler swap. The measures available are:

  • Load compensation - the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the actual room temperature, this requires the control and boiler to ‘speak’ the same language
  • Weather compensation - the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the outdoor temperature.
  • Smart control - A control that provides automation and optimisation.
  • PFGHRD (Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device)

Any changes made to your heating system should be performed by a certified installer, as they will be able to effectively install, test the equipment and ensure your heating system meets the efficiency requirements set out by the legislation.

Boiler Plus in Scotland and Wales

Please note:

As of late 2022, Boiler Plus standards have been introduced in Scotland and Wales with some slight differences to those set in England.

Boiler Plus in Wales

Boiler Plus policy in Wales includes the requirement for the smart thermostat to also feature remote access.

For a complete solution that meets the 4 additional measures of Boiler Plus in Wales, we would recommend pairing an ecoTEC exclusive with a sensoHOME or sensoCOMFORT and myVAILLANT connect.

Boiler Plus in Scotland

Boiler Plus policy in Scotland meanwhile has been expanded to apply to all gas boiler replacements (so includes system and open vent boilers as well as combi).

Controls requirements remain the same as England.

What Vaillant controls comply with Boiler Plus?

Using Vaillant controls, you can easily, effortlessly and efficiently meet the requirements for Boiler Plus.

Vaillant offers a range of solutions to meet all requirements:


  • Do I need to upgrade my existing heating system after April 6th 2018?

    No you do not need to do anything if you are happy with your current heating system. You will have to comply if you are having a new system installed though.

  • How will a control help me to increase the efficiency of my heating system?

    A control can help you to only use energy when you need it to. You can program your specific timings so that the boiler knows when to work.

  • What if I don't want a control?

    Our range of controls are easy and straightforward to use. However if you don’t wish to install a smart control, there are other ways to comply with Boiler Plus.

  • What is load compensation?

    Load compensation is when the boiler modulates the temperature by using the actual room temperature, ensuring maximum efficiency.

  • What is weather compensation?

    This is similar to load compensation, however the modulation of the boiler is informed by the temperature outside of the property.

  • What is Flue Gas Heat Recovery?

    This is when flue gases (which are normally released and lost) are captured by a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device and reused to provide heating within the boiler. The ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ has this built in and is our first product which meets Boiler Plus out of the box.

  • Can I use non-Vaillant controls with Vaillant products?

    Whilst some non-Vaillant controls do work with Vaillant products, Vaillant controls have been specifically designed to work with Vaillant boilers. This ensures maximum efficiency and the most intelligent communication between boiler and control.

  • Where can I find an installer that is aware of Boiler Plus?

    Vaillant Advance installers have been provided with an in-depth overview of Boiler Plus and you can find your local installer here.

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