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Weather Compensation Control

VRC 700

The complete intelligent control for your central heating and hot water

  • Control multiple heating products including boilers to heat pumps
  • Adjusts heating output using weather compensation technology
  • Remote heating control with the myVAILLANT app
  • Easy operation thanks to clear menu navigation
  • Comfort and control wherever you are
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The VRC 700 is designed to work with more complex heating systems. If you have multiple heating zones, a heat pump or underfloor heating, the VRC 700 is the perfect control for you. The control can decide on the most efficient heating appliances to run as it uses weather compensation technology to make sure you're getting the right temperature without wasting energy to get there.


Ideal for:

  • Control
  • Control multiple heating products
    Works with our boilers and heat pumps

  • Comfort and control wherever you are
    Adjust your heating with the myVAILLANT app

    VRC 700 on a wall in a living room
    VRC 700 on a wall in a living room
  • Flexible control
    Easy to use menu

    VRC 700 on a table in a kitchen
    VRC 700 on a table in a kitchen

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