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Ultimate guide to smart heating

Someone holding a phone that displays myVAILLANT with a sensoHOME on the wall

Smart heating is rising in popularity across British homes as it can save you time and money. This makes them the advanced way to control heating from a smartphone for your home or building.

SMART stands for 'Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology’. Smart Heating systems can generally be found in the hallway or landing of a home because these areas tend to have a balanced temperature for your whole house or building. In this guide, we will give you all the information you need about smart heating systems.

What is a smart heating system?

A smart heating system is an advanced way to control heating from a smartphone for your home or building. A thermostat requires a multi zone set up that connects to your Wi-Fi network which allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms wirelessly and remotely.

Smart thermostats also have the ability to automatically adjust to the temperatures outside by collecting and tracking weather data. This feature is called weather compensation and will help you stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.

Depending on the smart heating system you use, you can control the heating using an app on your smartphone, tablet, computer or remote control. A smart thermostat gives you more control over your heating by allowing you to control the heating using a smartphone or any other smart device from a different room or a remote location.

When you set up a multi zone, you can also heat the whole house or choose specific individual rooms. Some smart thermostats will learn your routine over time and suggest ways for you to reduce your bills.

man turning down a thermostat on the wall

How do smart thermostats work?

Smart thermostats are connected to a home's Wi-Fi and boiler using the existing wire connection (providing the existing wires meet the manufactures guidance). Usually, your current boiler can be part of the smart home. Although, remember to check with a manufacturer that your boiler is compatible with the thermostat when choosing your smart heating system.

The thermostat is also connected to Wi-Fi. By simply downloading an app, you can amend the thermostat temperature from anywhere in your home and remotely by:

  • Downloading the smart heating app then, set the temperature in the app, which will be sent to your home heating system where the temperature setting will be transmitted from your Wi-Fi to the thermostat.
  • The thermostat will readjust the temperature and will turn the boiler on or off (depending on your choice) by sending a signal.
  • Remember to take the appropriate security measures if you choose to get a smart heating system.

Smart heating system features

  • Weather-responsive

    Some smart heating systems' performance will change depending on the temperature conditions outside. If it’s cold outside the thermostat will amend the heating to keep your home within your comfort zone. The myVAILLANT app when paired with myVAILLANT connect and sensoCOMFORT has the weather compensating feature which checks the conditions outside and tells your boiler how hard it needs to work to reach the right temperature without wasting energy to get there.
  • Hot water controls

    Some smart heating systems allow you to control your hot water and central heating, depending on the boiler you own. If you own a combi boiler that heats the water immediately, then a smart heating system isn't needed for this feature. You can use the app to adjust, schedule, turn on and turn off the hot water, just as you’re able to do with the heating, wirelessly or remotely.
  • App and PC functionality

    Vaillant smart controls can be controlled with dedicated apps that ensure you can get the most out of your smart heating system to enjoy a feel-good climate and protect the environment whilst saving money.
  • Energy reports

    Having access to an energy report from your thermostats is a great feature. You’re able to have a detailed understanding of where the heating bill is from and how to reduce it.
  • Multi-room control or zonal heating

    This feature is ideal for large homes where certain rooms aren’t in use as often as others. You’re able to set individual temperatures for different rooms, which allows you to turn off the heating in a room that you rarely use or turn up the heat more in the sitting room, rather than the kitchen as people genuinely tend to spend more time there. This can be done by either purchasing a new thermostat for each zone or using smart thermostat radiator valves for control in each room.
  • What is the best smart heating control?

    One smart heating system doesn't fit all, so it really depends on your needs and budget. Speak with a licensed engineer or our team who will be able to direct you to a smart thermostat that will work in sync with your lifestyle. For more information about installing a Vaillant smart heating control find a Vaillant Advance installer.

  • What if my internet goes down?

    If your internet goes down, don't worry. The heating will stay on and will continue running on the schedule that is currently set in place. If you need to make amends to your thermostat, you can do this manually using the controls if needed.

  • What is the difference between a smart control and a traditional thermostat?

    There is a wide range of heating controls available from simple, traditional thermostats, to smart connected controls. The suitability of these controls may vary based on your household needs and heating system.

    A plug-in analogue timer such as the timeSWITCH 150 will allow you to setspecific heating times for a 24 hour period which will then be repeated each day until it is changed.

    A plug in programmer, like the timeSWITCH 160, allows you to set these specific times for specific days.

    A room thermostat will monitor the indoor temperature around it and will communicate with your boiler to heat the home once the surrounding temperature drops below that which is set.

    A programmable room thermostat presents a combination of the above functionalities, raising and lowering the temperature of your home based on your settings and the detected room temperature.

    Smart, connected controls connect to your home's WiFi network to allow you to set or change your home temperature remotely providing a customisable, flexible, and efficient home heating experience.

    Find out more about our different control types

  • What Vaillant controls are app-compatible?

    Our senso range of controls are fully compatible with the myVAILLANT connect gateway and myVAILLANT app to form a fully integrated smart home heating system:




    sensoROOM pure

    Find out more about myVAILLANT connect

Upgrade your existing heating control to a smart heating system