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Room Control

timeSWITCH 150

The simple analogue heating control for your home

timeSWITCH 150
  • 24-hour timer for central heating
  • Single channel analogue timer
  • Compatible with sensoROOM pure digital room thermostat
  • Mounts directly into boiler fascia
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Using timeSWITCH 150 couldn’t be more simple: a 24-hour mechanical timer with an analogue dial control. The device is flexible and easy to control. Set the time you’d like your heating to switch on and off each day, with up to 48 on/off times. The timeSWITCH 150 works in conjunction with Vaillant's sensoROOM pure digital thermostat so you can control the boiler temperature from elsewhere in your home.

timeSWITCH 150

Ideal for:

  • Control
  • Easy to use
    Simple display

  • Flexible
    A heating control you suit you and your home

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