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Heat pumps offer heating, hot water and cooling. The main energy supply for a heat pump is from an environmental source i.e. air, ground and water – electricity is also needed in order to operate.

Vaillant offers suitable heat pumps for every energy source. Air-to-water heat pumps are an ideal option for an upgrade of your appliance. These heat pumps can be easily mounted outdoors and are low in acquisition costs.

Advantages of choosing a heat pump

Heat pump in a detached house

The Smith family have decided to move to a house which was built in 1997 which still has the same heating system installed since it was built. The heating system that was in use was an oil-fired boiler with a high energy consumption.

The planned upgrade of the heating system for the house should offer better comfort and also better energy efficiency.

The house has sufficient thermal insulation as well as an underfloor heating system: ideal prerequisite for the use of a heat pump.

Air source energy

  • The Smith family’s architect has recommended they install the air-to-water heat pump the aroTHERM split. This heat pump extracts thermal energy from the outside air and converts this into heating and hot water.
  • Mrs. Smith is pleased that the aroTHERM split is extremely quiet and thus, can be placed in the garden or near the wall of the house without any problems from the noise. The compact indoor unit of the heat pump is placed next to the washing machine in the laundry room. The heat pump is combined with the hot water cylinder uniSTOR that offers a capacity of 300 litres.
  • The system controller VRC 700 is used to operate the heat pump. It adapts the heating output automatically to the weather conditions, improving the energy efficiency.

A breakdown of the Smith Family’s heat pump system

The aroTHERM Split heat pump

  • Energy efficiency label A++
  • 3–12 kW output for low to large energy needs
  • Super quiet with 39 dB(A) at one-metre distance – like a whisper

Hot water storage: uniSTOR

  • Specifically designed to work alongside Vaillant heat pumps
  • Helps reduce running costs and increases hot water performance

System controller: VRC 700

  • One control for heating, hot water and cooling
  • Optional smartphone app for both Android and iOS
  • Easy-to-use operation modes to create the right comfort temperature when you are at home or away

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Vaillant service

Vaillant heat pump guarantees

We have extremely high standards and quality requirements and provide long-lasting comfort for all our customers. Which is why we proudly offer 3 year guarantee on our heat pumps out of the box, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

If your heat pump was installed by Vaillant renewables partner, you can benefit on guarantees of upto 7 years when registered through Vaillant Advance, our installer loyalty scheme.

Vaillant annual service for heat pumps

Heat pumps and solar thermal systems are low maintenance compared to other traditional heating systems. To keep your renewable heating and hot water system in perfect condition and working at its best, it is recommended to have your system serviced once a year. If your system is under warranty, then it is important to make sure the annual servicing and maintenance is carried out in order to maintain the warranty.