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Domestic boiler hot water cylinders

uniSTOR range of hot water cylinders

  • Designed perfectly to work with Vaillant System & Regular boilers
  • Slim line, pre plumbed and standard cylinders in the range
  • 25 year guarantee on the cylinder shell, for total peace of mind
  • Improved insulation meaning heat loss is minimised and lower running costs
  • Can be retrofitted onto existing heating systems
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About the uniSTOR hot water cylinder range

The uniSTOR hot water cylinder range has been designed specifically to work with Vaillant System and Regular boilers to provide highly efficient heating and hot water systems.

uniSTOR cylinders are manufactured with high efficiency insulation and use high quality stainless steel shells to offer long term reliable performance. Available in a wide range of hot water storage capacities, the uniSTOR is suitable for all types of property by offering 120 to 300 litres.

uniSTOR cylinders are suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms and by using a cylinder the heating system can provide a higher level of hot water than a combination boiler.

uniSTOR unvented cylinders can be used when converting from a regular open vented heating system (with a cold water tank in the loft) to a sealed system (boiler and cylinder system). Converting to a sealed system can help save space such as loft conversions when there is no room for a tank, and in most cases will provide higher water pressure at your taps and shower.

By upgrading an old copper cylinder (usually has an insulation jacket) to a new uniSTOR unvented stainless steel cylinder, you can make your heating system more efficient by reducing your cylinder heat losses significantly, which in turn can help to reduce your fuel bills.

All Vaillant hot water cylinders are manufactured in line with standards that are maintained by the Hot Water Association.

What's in the range?

  • 120 litre slim line pre plumbed cylinder
  • 150 litre slim line pre plumbed cylinder
  • 180 litre pre plumbed cylinder
  • 200 litre pre plumbed cylinder
  • 300 litre pre plumbed cylinder
  • 120 litre standard cylinder
  • 150 litre standard cylinder
  • 180 litre standard cylinder
  • 200 litre standard cylinder
  • 200 litre standard cylinder
  • 250 litre standard cylinder
  • 300 litre standard cylinder

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