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aroTHERM 5,8,11 and 15kW


Hybrid System

Vaillant’s aroTHERM hybrid system is an innovative heating system which combines a traditional high efficiency boiler (be that gas, LPG or oil) with an aroTHERM air to water heat pump, to create an intelligent system which automatically selects the most cost effective method of heating your home at any time.

The Hybrid system works intelligently based on your energy tariffs, to always use the energy source (be that gas/oil/lpg through the high efficiency boiler, or electricity through the air to water heat pump) which is most cost effective for your home. This in turn means your house will always be heated by the most cost effective heating source, which will save you money on your fuel bills and help to protect against sudden energy price fluctuations.

The aroTHERM Hybrid system, comprising of an aroTHERM air to water heat pump, a heat exchanger module, 40 litre wall hung buffer tank and weather compensating controls, acts as a ‘bolt on’ to supplement your existing heating system including your boiler, and will fit neatly into most homes.

The system provides a highly efficient method of home heating, and offers a less daunting opportunity to move into renewable heating, by still having the back up of a familiar boiler and heating control system – an innovative and forward thinking solution.

What’s more, with a Quiet Mark award you can be assured knowing the aroTHERM is one of quietest heat pumps on the market!

Features & Benefits

The Hybrid system has many welcoming benefits and demonstrates innovative heating technology:

  • Being available for use with 8 and 11kW aroTHERM heat pumps, the Hybrid system can be suitable for a wide range of properties.
  • The Hybrid is compatible with any Vaillant ecoTEC or incumbent third party boiler.
  • To achieve optimum performance, a suitable home will already be well insulated and have a low heat loss. Your installer should carry out a full heat loss calculation taking into consideration the age and size of your property to determine which model is best suited to your home.
  • A typical installation could take between 3-5 days.
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee is included as standard with a 5 year guarantee on the heat pump compressor.
  • Awarded Quiet Mark approval.
  • The Vaillant aroTHERM Hybrid is a highly efficient and intelligent heating system which automatically monitors and selects the most cost effective method of heating at any time, be that the boiler or heat pump.
  • Helps to reduce the impact of future energy price fluctuations.
  • The systems includes the very latest highly efficient system technologies from Vaillant including the new aroTHERM air to water heat pump and weather compensating controls as standard.
  • Controlling your heating remains simple, as the intelligence behind the system is pre programmed on installation and is easy to update as tariffs change.
  • MCS accredited and potentially eligible for funding.
  • * Normally changing to an air to water heat pump system requires an upgrade to radiators to maximise efficiency.

Costs and saving

Installing and maintaining a renewable technology can be costly; however when you install a Vaillant renewable heating technology, you could potentially make savings on your gas bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • On average this type of installation (assuming an incumbent high efficiency boiler already exists in the property) could cost between £5,000 – £7,000*.
  • When compared to an old standard oil boiler, this system (including a high efficiency oil boiler and the provided weather compensating controls/outdoor sensor) could save you up to approximately £261 on your fuel bills per year*.
  • This system could be eligible for funding through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when installed by an MCS accredited installer. If your aroTHERM Hybrid installation benefits from the additional incentive of the RHI programme, this system could save you up to £675 per year*.
  • Yes, by upgrading an old standard oil boiler to this new system (with weather compensating controls and an outdoor sensor) you could save up to approximately 1,298 kg of C02/year*.)