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Vaillant have teamed up with Kevin McCloud to present:

The Heat Pump Challenge

Vaillant has teamed up with Kevin McCloud to help demystify the process of heat pump installation, and how modernising with a heat pump has benefited homeowners in a wide variety of homes.

As part of the heat pump challenge, we have also being working to help answer the common queries about the practicalities of installing and living with this type of low-carbon heating technology.

Despite the growing popularity of heat pumps in the UK, recent research has revealed there are still many questions surrounding this heating technology including; how they work in the cold, costs to run and the type of homes they are suitable for.

The Challenge

Vaillant aimed to open the debate surrounding heat pumps and shed light on installing and owning this type of heating technology - by challenging the industry to share their heat pump projects and demonstrate the wide variety of homes for which heat pumps are possible!


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Challenge Winners


Pedn Billy Boathouse

South Barn

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Property Type: 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached

Age of Property: Built 1967

Location: East Sussex

Product Installed: aroTHERM plus

Installer: Optimus Heating

Product Replaced: System Boiler

Funding: Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)


Built in the 60’s, this property perfectly showcases how heat pump technology can be used in all property types. Now renovated with cavity walls, insulation and double glazing, a Vaillant aroTHERM plus has been installed in this property to not only lower carbon emissions, but also help the homeowner to save up to 40% on their energy bills.

Pedn Billy Boathouse


Property Type: Detached Traditional Cottage

Location:Helford Passage, Cornwall

Product Installed:aroTHERM plus

Installer:Adobe Heat

Product Replaced:Direct Electric Heating System

Funding:Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)


Thatched-roofed holiday cottage, Pedn Billy Boathouse suited a heat pump installation even in a remote area of England. Replacing the electric heating system with an aroTHERM heat pump and an array of solar PV is estimated to result in cost savings of 66%, whilst also providing a quiet heating solution to maintain a peaceful holiday letting.

South Barn


Property Type: Grade II Converted Barn

Age of Property:400+ years

Location:Matlock, Derbyshire

Product Installed:aroTHERM plus

Installer:IMS Heat Pumps

Product Replaced:7 Year Old Gas Boiler

Funding:Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)


Built over 400 years ago and Grade II listed, the South Barn property in the Midlands showcases that even older properties can use heat pumps for home heating and hot water. The aroTHERM plus and uniSTOR hot water cylinder have been installed to ensure the property is prepared for a low carbon future with the potential to lower energy bills for the homeowner.

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We'll be taking a deep dive into all of our winning properties, and what the homeowners had to say




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“I’ve spent much of my career working with visionary people who have been able to realise their dreams - no matter how ambitious - by building extraordinary homes, despite those around them saying it’s not possible. We’re now in a similar situation in the home energy sector where some have enthusiastically embraced heat pump technology while some people are fearful about reliability and suitability, or simply don’t understand what they are, how they work, and the efficiency benefits they offer.
“Heat pumps are quite different to boilers in the way they operate but they’re very efficient and straightforward. I was an early adopter and chose to put them in my current home too. So, I’m very excited to be part of Vaillant’s Heat Pump Challenge; it’s a first, an opportunity to find out what is happening in the here and now to make heating our homes more efficient and climate friendly. I’m very much looking forward to discovering some great projects and encourage anyone who has installed a heat pump or designed a low carbon heating system for a building project, or just had a heat pump installed, to tell us about it.”

Kevin McCloud


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