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Hot Water Storage Cylinders

Providing heating and hot water consumes a lot of energy in every household, no matter the method of heating used. However, if you have a hot water storage cylinder, large quantities of heated water are always immediately available for use and you can certainly be more efficient in your energy usage. You can also efficiently combine heat sources with a cylinder to get the best results, such as combining boilers and solar thermal.

How does a hot water storage cylinder work?

Hot water storage cylinders are an optional component of your home’s heating system, and whether you have one will affect how your system works overall. Essentially, a hot water storage cylinder will contain pre-heated water for use across your home, drawing cold water in from one pipe, heating it through the use of your boiler, an internal immersion heater or solar thermal process, and storing it until required. The hot water exits the cylinder through another pipe and heads to the desired location in your house.

Should I upgrade to a hot water storage cylinder?

When looking to upgrade your heating system, the need for a storage cylinder can vary based on the size and needs of your household. For example, a larger household with more people living there could feasibly require multiple points of hot water at any given time - kitchen taps, bathroom taps or showers - will benefit greatly from having an appropriately-sized cylinder. Sizes can range anywhere from 50 litres to 500 litres, and we recommend asking a qualified installer about what would be best for your home. From our experience, 200 litres will typically support a family of four in a semi-detached dwelling sufficiently.

Cylinders are excellent for combining different sources of heat in one system. For example, using conventional energy sources such as gas or oil with a solar thermal system. This gives you great flexibility when planning your new heating system or upgrading an older system. Furthermore, the technologies used in modern hot water cylinders have far greater thermal insulation, saving energy during heating and preventing heat loss during storage. This can make it a really efficient way to ensure you have on-demand hot water in your home. Some hot water storage cylinders have a corrosion resistant enamel interior, which ensures the highest hygiene standards for drinking water.

The advantages of heating water and hot water cylinders:

  • Comfort as hot water is always available
  • Efficiently combine different heat sources

Requirements that must be fulfilled by your home:

Different kinds of hot water storage cylinders

There are different kinds of cylinder. A stratified cylinder is a fast, energy-efficient and economical way to provide hot water. In this cylinder, the stratification of the warm water takes place at different heights according to its temperature. The water at the top of the cylinder has the highest temperature.

Buffer cylinders are usually designed as a combined cylinder. They have two tanks, one for the hot water in the kitchen and bathroom and one for the heating water. In winter the hot tap water uses the waste heat from the heating water and therefore requires less energy to warm up. Buffer cylinders are highly suitable for making use of the different energy sources.

The right heating system

There is no standard solution when searching for the right heating system. But it is not that difficult to find the system that fits your needs. If a hot water cylinder is needed within your heating system, browse our range of Vaillant cylinders here.

Alternatively you can talk to a local Vaillant heating specialists. They can assist you in planning your new heating installation.