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Heating Technologies


Modern gas condensing technology utilises the additional heat energy contained in flue gases. Condensing boilers thereby achieve even higher efficiency with lower emissions compared to conventional heaters.

Heat Pumps

Advanced heat pump technology utilises the free warmth of nature in your surroundings, making you independent of oil and gas.


Trials for hydrogen are ongoing in the UK, the industry has a number of steps to make before hydrogen can be delivered to our doorsteps, such as how we create and store hydrogen in the most efficient and climate neutral way.


The right cylinder ensures hot water is always available for maximum comfort. Regardless of whether it’s process water or heating, or both at the same time. You can also efficiently combine heat sources.

Smart homes

A Smart Home is often referred to as an "eHome" or "Smart Living". A Smart Home is a home with interconnected devices, all of which can be monitored and controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Smart Homes are designed to reduce unnecessary power consumption, whilst maximising comfort.


You have a choice of what kind of controls you have to manage the boiler. The more sophisticated the control, the more control you have over the heating system.