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Heating Advice from Kate @my_plastic_free_home

Some top tips to make your home and heating more efficient in preparation for the colder months ahead

Here at Vaillant we’re passionate about sustainability and heating that’s more efficient and better for the environment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with eco- influencer, Kate from @my_plastic_free_home to help to produce a couple of blogs all about making your heating system more efficient and what sustainable heating solutions are available. In the first of her guest blogs, Kate looks at some simple things you can do to optimise your heating.

Kate says:

I’m always looking for ways to make heating my home as efficient as possible in the colder months. Whether you own your own home, rent, flat share or still live with your parents, there is always something that you can do to improve the heating in your home and make it more efficient!

One of the most important things to do is make sure you regularly bleed your radiators, it helps your heating system run more efficiently and can also save you money on your heating bills. If your radiators feel cool at the top when they are turned on, they will likely need bleeding. But don’t worry, it’s quite easy to do and there is lots of advice available online to help you. It’s also important to get your boilers serviced every year. This helps keep your boiler running safely and efficiently (saving you money) and limits wear over time. If you’re not confident bleeding your own radiators then you could book this at the same time (and if you rent, make sure your landlord does both of these things!). Remember, only a certified Gas Safe Engineer can inspect and perform the service. You can find a Vaillant approved installer to service your boiler here.

Other easy wins to make your heating more efficient, include thinking about the placement of your radiators and furniture. If your radiators are directly below a window it would be a good idea to invest in some thick curtains so that the heat doesn’t escape quickly, and if any furniture is covering your radiators then it really needs moving out of the way so that the radiators don’t have to work overtime just to heat the room! Draft excluders are also a great way to stop heat from escaping your rooms and are relatively cheap to buy (you could even roll up a towel and place it in front of draughty areas as a quick, inexpensive fix).

If you are looking to make some upgrades in your house to make it more energy efficient, a good place to start is making sure that your walls are correctly insulated with cavity wall insulation; this can make a huge difference to the amount of energy used, and your energy bills. Having your pipes insulated is another way to improve your heating system easily, as this helps heat get to where it’s needed and will also stop external pipes freezing in the winter.

Smart controls are also a great way to manage your heating system and energy efficiency. They allow you to control various aspects of your heating system and some can even help you to zone the heating in your home meaning you can heat individual rooms to a specific temperature! We had these fitted last year and they made so much difference to how we heat our house!

You can find out more about Vaillant’s heating controls here.