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What's new? Verison 2.8 - Update/Big fixes

16th August 2023

Dear myVAILLANT app customers,

We have a great new feature for you added today, the usage tracking feature is activated in our apps.

The existing users will be given the option to opt-in for tracking. New users will be asked as part of the onboarding journey. Of course, we will only track usage of those who opted in. Looking forward to more transparency of the usage!


Feature added:

  • Usage tracking feature – activated
  • Opt-in option


  • August 2023

    10th August 2023

    Dear myVAILLANT customers,

    2nd August

    Dear myVAILLANT customers,

  • July 2023

    25th July

    Dear myVAILLANT app customers


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