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Energy performance certificate

An energy performance certificate provides information on the energy efficiency and energy profile of buildings. It provides information about the consumption and costs that can be expected for a particular property. There is also the more imprecise energy consumption certificate, which is only permissible for older multi-family houses that have at least five flats and building application, as well as are in compliance with the thermal insulation ordinance before or after 1977. In this case, the consumption values of the residents from the last three years are used as the basis for the calculations. For all other properties, the law requires a more precise energy performance certificate, in which the theoretical energy requirement of a building is determined by mathematical calculations taking into account factors such as insulation, windows, type of heating and so on.

A colour scale ranging from A+ in the green area to H in the red area indicates the energy efficiency of the building. If no renovations to improve energy efficiency have been made in the meantime, thus justifying a new application, the energy certificate is valid for ten years. When selling or renting, the property owner is obliged to present the energy performance certificate.

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