Comfort for my home even in the coldest of places

How the coldest place in Sweden became the cosiest one

Far away in upper Sweden, 235 km north of the Arctic Circle, lies the village of Naimakka. Its only resident is Ake, who is 80 years old and responsible for the Naimakka weather station. He has been living here his entire life. Hardly anyone visits him here today. No wonder, given temperatures can drop to −40°C. But one day Ake had an idea to attract more visitors: he would transform Naimakka into the cosiest place in Sweden with the help of a Vaillant heat pump.

There's so many reasons Åke loves his new heat pumps, find out why below

How does Vaillant heat pump technology work?

The highly efficient heat pump technology from Vaillant works on the reverse principle as a fridge.
While a fridge transfers heat from inside to the outside, the heat pump extracts the heat from the outside environment and turns this into energy to heat your home.
Vaillant heat pumps use up to 75 percent free available heat that nature stores in the air, in the earth or in ground water. Find out more about this intelligent technology in the video

Vaillant heat pump range

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