Replacing your heating pays off

Does your heating keep failing, make unusual sounds, or is your hot water unreliable? Are you looking to reduce your bills? We build our boilers to the highest standards to ensure quiet heating and hot water comfort for your home. They are so efficient, they can help you reduce your bills and energy use by 30%.

The benefits of a new Vaillant boiler

  • Reduce your heating costs by up to 30%
  • Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliable heating and hot water supply
  • Vaillant boilers are exceptionally quiet
  • Controllable by your smartphone (when fitted with a Vaillant vSMART control)
  • Extended guarantees when you choose a Vaillant Advance installer
  • Gas Safe certified installers ensure compliance with the strictest safety standards

Interested in more information on the advantages of upgrading your heating system? Visit our "Upgrading your heating system page" to get answers to all of your questions, whether they are about a gas boiler or one of our renewables solutions.

It can be hard to understand exactly what your installer tells you when fitting a heating system. We created a guide that simplifies the language and cuts through the jargon, laying out the terminology of the heating industry in plain English. Now, you’ll know exactly what's needed and can better understand your installer and heating system.

Download the Boiler Jargon Guide here (2360 kB)

See the boiler types that Vaillant has to offer

A guide on how to buy your new Vaillant boiler

Here are some FAQs that may be of interest to you

Which is the right boiler for my home

See which is the right boiler type for your heating and hot water needs

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are best suited for smaller homes, where heating and hot water demands aren't extremely high. Hot water is only generated when it is required and doesn't require a water storage tank. Combi boilers are compact in size, meaning you are free to fit the boiler almost anywhere that is safe in the house and can also be cupboard fit.

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System boilers

System boilers are better suited with homes that have more than 1 bathroom and a higher heating and hot water demand than a home with a combi boiler. The high demand for hot water is met with a constant supply which is stored in a water cylinder.

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Regular (Open Vent) boilers

Regular boilers are best suited for homes with mulitple bathrooms that are prone to be used at the same time. You can also fit a regular boiler with renewable solutions such as heat pumps and solar water systems.

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How to buy your new Vaillant boiler

  • Find your boiler. There are several types of boilers available and deciding what's right for you can sometimes be a little daunting.
    We have a wide range of boilers to suit every need. Check out our boiler range.
  • Get a free quote. Find your local Gas Safe registered Vaillant Advance installers and they'll be able to supply a quotation based on your heating and hot water requirements.
    Find an installer
  • Register your guarantee. Once your boiler has been installed, register the guarantee online (or your installer can do it for you).

Boiler Plus

Please be aware that all new boiler installations must have an ErP rating of 92% in order to comply with the Government regulation, Boiler Plus.

More information on Boiler Plus

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