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Heating controls

Central heating and domestic hot water controls are key to providing a comfortable living environment and minimising costs through increased efficiency. It’s important to understand and properly utilise the controls your heating system is equipped with.

There are many different kinds of heating and hot water controls available today. Boilers can be equipped with anything from simple plug-in timers - that tell your boiler when to switch on and off - to internet connected controls that fully modulate your heating system and can be controlled on the go from a smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of heating controls:

  • Helps to save energy
  • Convenient control over home's heating
  • Comfortable and reliable temperatures
  • Adapts to weather conditions
  • Potential to lower bills when used efficiently

Types of heating controls

Depending on the age of your heating system, as well as the brand, there are a number of different heating controls that could be part of your system. We’ve listed the most common types below. Note that the range of functionality will vary greatly between even similar controls, and many controls can be found in both analogue and digital formats, which will again alter the functionality.

Manual thermostat

These simple thermostats are placed in various rooms around your house, allowing you to set the target temperature for your system to heat to. These can be installed in multiple rooms, allowing for individual control over the temperature per room, or simply as a house-wide thermostat. Typically, however, a thermostat that controls the entire house will be installed on the boiler itself.

Timer controls

Timers are an effective way to increase the efficiency of heating in your home without having to pay much attention to once set-up. Simply set timers for the boiler to turn on and off, and you can ensure that your home is heated when it’s most important. Often, users will ensure that the heating system is not in use while asleep at night or while away from the home habitually, such as going to work and/or school.

Smart heating controls

Smart controls package in many of the benefits found in different control types into one single control. They can be controlled via apps on your phone or other methods, and can provide granular control over every aspect of your heating system.

The vSMART control is the Vaillant-brand iteration of smart heating controls, which is a self-learning thermostat to maximise the efficiency of heating in your home.

Thermostatic radiator valves

These are equipped to individual radiators in your home, allowing manual control over the heat output of a given radiator itself. Once set, they will ensure a certain amount of heat from the set radiator, yet will not affect the actual heat output from the boiler itself. They aren’t quite as accurate as other heating controls either, often only heating to a set range as appropriate.

Heating controls for every need

Controls offer flexibility for your heating and are essential for systems that combine multiple components. For example, if a boiler is combined with an air-to-water heat pump, the control can tell whether the boiler or heat pump is the most efficient at that moment in time.

You simply set the desired temperature and time and the control takes care of the rest. For more information, read our guide on frost protection & controls.

Room heat depending on the weather or presence

Vaillant heating controls ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible, whilst helping to save energy. For example, a weather-compensated controller automatically adjusts the temperature of the heating in-line with the outside temperature.

Heating times can also be individually adjusted, so that if you’re going away, the temperature can be lowered and programmed to heat up again in time for your return.

Remote control and remote maintenance

You can now control your heating system remotely, over the internet using a smartphone or tablet. This technology also means a heating engineer can optimise your system and carry out adjustments remotely.

Find out more about the Vaillant vSMART heating control here

The right heating system

To find the perfect solution for your home, speak with your local Vaillant heating installer for further advice and support.

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