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Set a sign and find your perfect heating system now.

With our premium quality products, we provide heating solutions that are sustainable and adaptable for all your needs. Plus, our certified network of installers is always within reach for assistance.
Women sitting on heat pump

Benefits Your advantages with climate-friendly heating

  • Sustainable cost savings

    By switching to a new, efficient heating system, you can make significant energy and cost savings. With a new heat pump and a photovoltaic system, you can even become independent of rising prices for fossil fuels.
  • Significant subsidies

    Benefit from up to XX% subsidies* when you switch from an oil or gas heating system, for example, to a climate-friendly heat pump. The gas heating system must be at least XX years old when applying.
  • Long lasting quality

    We have been developing efficient heating systems for 149 years. With Vaillant, you get a high-grade and reliable quality product in your home that you can rely on at all times - for many years to come
  • Good for climate protection

    The heat pump is the most climate-friendly heating technology, as environmental heat is available in unlimited quantities. This means you can make a major contribution to climate protection.

Secure and future-proof The perfect heating sytem for your home.

Always the right decision

At Vaillant, you will find a large selection of climate-friendly heating systems that offer the right solution for every home. They convince not only with tested and durable quality, but above all with future-proof technology. So that you can benefit from your new heating system for a particularly long time - no matter what happens.


Climate-friendly heating technology

Heat pumps are particularly climate-friendly because they obtain about 2/3 of their energy from the environment. This makes them future-proof because the environmental heat is always available. This is also the reason why heat pumps receive the highest government subsidies*.

Meanwhile, heat pumps are no longer only suitable for new buildings - for example, our aroTHERM plus air-source heat pump is perfect for climate-friendly modernisation. Due to its high flow temperatures and small footprint, it is ideally suited for this purpose.

A resource-saving system

If it is not possible to use a heat pump alone in your home, you still don't have to do without it: A hybrid heating system consisting of a heat pump with gas condensing boiler is used if you have a high energy demand and require particularly high flow temperatures.

One advantage: you can continue to use your existing gas heating system in the future in a resource-saving way by supplementing it with a new Vaillant heat pump. The gas appliance can then be used for peak load when your heat demand is higher. If you need a new gas condensing boiler, we also offer particularly efficient products here, such as the ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC exclusive.

Independence on the roof

The system combination of a heat pump with a photovoltaic system provides you with a maximally efficient heating system. The self-generated PV electricity can be used directly to operate the heat pump - or for other appliances in your household, e.g. the washing machine or the TV set. By using your own electricity, you become significantly less dependent on energy providers and rising electricity prices. Ask your heating contractor - they will be happy to advise you on the subject of photovoltaics.

  1. Subsidies
    Climate-friendliness pays off

    Father playing with children
    Father playing with children
  2. Vaillant Service
    A great heating system deserves great service

    Installer looking into his toolbox
    Installer looking into his toolbox

Our climate-friendly solutions have convinced you?

What our customers say about our heating systems

Vaillant heat pumps are ideal for climate-conscious heating modernisation in old buildings. Here, thanks to their high-quality workmanship, they convince with years of reliable operation.

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Replacement FAQ Frequently asked questions.

  • Heating replacement - what do I have to expect?

    At present, the duration of the heating replacement is significantly influenced by the availability of individual components and products. In addition, the market is determined by an increased number of enquiries, which is why the specialist companies are currently very busy. Please understand this and allow sufficient time to make an appointment with your heating contractor.

    Normally, a heating system replacement is a simple and clean process. In the first step, our specially trained specialist company looks at the structural conditions in order to adapt its recommendation to the conditions on site if necessary. The next step is the actual installation.

  • Is the request of an online offer binding?

    No, the enquiry is completely non-binding. With our service, we want to ensure that you quickly and reliably find the best heating system and the right heating contractor for your individual needs. Whether you accept the proposal of our specialist partner is, of course, entirely up to you.

  • What are the delivery times like at the moment?

    We recommend that you order the heat pump from your specialist tradesman as early as possible so as not to lose any time - in addition to the currently long delivery times and the time your tradesman needs for the precise planning and design of the heat pump. It is best to calculate with a lead time of several months. You can find more information here.

    If you choose a heat pump from Vaillant now, you are choosing a quality product from which you will benefit for a particularly long time.

Vaillant Service Always nearby: Our highly qualified installer network

We work together with professional specialist tradesmen our country. They are very familiar with our heating systems and will find the perfect solution for you and your home.

Installer looking into his toolbox

*Please note that there is no legal entitlement to any subsidies. For example, the state subsidises heat pumps with 25 % - there is a further 5 % bonus for a heat pump with the heat source water, waste water or ground or for heat pumps with natural refrigerant. For the replacement of an old functioning oil, coal and night storage heating system as well as gas heating (condition: older than 20 years, except for gas floor heating systems) you receive an additional 10 % subsidy, provided that the building is no longer heated with fossil fuels. Funding condition according to the BEG guideline for individual measures (BEG EM) is an energy consumption and efficiency display since 01.01.2023. You can find more information in our funding guide.