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Beautifully simple

Vaillant sensoHOME and sensoCOMFORT controls have been designed with simplicity in mind.

Precisely engineered to communicate seamlessly with your Vaillant heating appliance, senso controls allow your home heating system to deliver your heating and hot water in the most efficient and effective way possible. With an elegant, sleek design, and a user-friendly touch interface, senso controls help you to create your perfect home comfort zone

The benefits of senso controls

Rather than simply turning your boiler on or off, Vaillant senso controls use our eBUS software to determine the precise amount of energy required to raise room temperatures to the desired level. Whenever possible, senso will control your Vaillant heating appliance to work at a reduced output – conserving energy and saving you money.

Sleek, elegant and stylish, senso controls have been designed to complement all modern interiors.

An easy-to-use touch interface provides precise, effortless control over your complete heating system.

Senso controls can monitor and display your energy usage*, and notify you of any system faults or service reminders

Dedicated app

Provides a detailed understanding of your energy usage and heating behaviour. Set your heating programmes on the app, and even let it know when you will be on holiday.

Load compensation technology

Determines the precise amount of energy required to achieve the desired temperature, saving you money.

Energy dashboard

Provides an insight into your heatings systems performance and energy consumption.

Weather compensation technology

Monitors outdoor conditions and tells your boiler how hard to work to achieve the right temperature, without wasting energy to get there**.

Smart home compatible

Control your home heating through Amazon Alexa or Google Home***

Time programme assistant

Effortlessly set heating programmes within minutes using the time programme assistant

*sensoNET Internet Gateway (VR 921) required **Additional outdoor sensor required ***when used with the myVAILLANT app


The new, intuitive and easy to use control enables you to manage your central heating and hot water requirements

  • Control multiple heating products from boilers to heat pumps and solar
  • Touch interface provides simple navigation and task setting
  • Operates Vaillant heating appliances at their most efficient using modulating technology
  • Highly efficient with ErP Class V rating

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The contemporary and simple to use control for your central heating and hot water

  • Operates in perfect harmony with Vaillant boilers due to modulating technology
  • Effortless usability to enable you to control your heating system with ease
  • Choose between wired and wireless controls
  • Highly efficient with ErP Class V rating

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