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Ground Source Heat Pumps from Vaillant

Ground source heat pumps are ideal for homes which are far from the mains grid as there is minimal maintenance, and no fuel deliveries required. They also make an excellent choice for properties which are looking to lower their home carbon emissions, They are a highly economical and efficient renewable energy solution, even more so than air source heat pumps, but can be more challenging to install.

At Vaillant, we are proud to manufacture a range of high-quality ground source heat pumps. Browse our range below to learn more about our products. Find out more with ourheat pump guide

The flexoTHERM multi-source heat pump

  • A smart and flexible multi-source heating system that uses renewable heat sources from the ground, water or air
  • The heat pump come in different sizes of heat output to suit your property, with 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models available
  • It’s simple to install, and features intelligent weather compensating controls and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operation

geoTHERM ground source heat pump (discontinued)

  • When a geoTHERM heat pump is installed in a well-insulated building, it can significantly reduce heat loss for greater comfort and lower fuel bills
  • It comes with weather compensating controls as standard, to give you optimum efficiency
  • The clear LED display shows how much energy is being extracted from the ground, so you can see how effectively the heat pump is working

Wondering if a air source heat pump is suitable for your home?

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