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Getting ready for winter

There's no better time than the present to make sure your home is ready for winter.

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Getting ready for winter - Our top tips

The darker nights and cold weather are drawing in and it's a great time to make sure your home is ready to keep you comfortable this winter. We've pulled together our top tips for getting ready for winter ranging boiler tips for winter, getting your boiler serviced, making sure your house insulation is up to scratch and everything in-between.

Find out more about loft insulation, keeping your home warm, why bleeding your radiators is a good idea, window and door insulation and preventing frozen pipes. All this can help your home stay energy efficient and make sure you're ready for winter.

Read up on our top tips below and make sure your winter is comfortable.

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Your condensate pipe

If you’ve had a new gas boiler installed in the last 15 years, it will most likely be a high-efficiency condensing boiler and will have a condensate pipe. Find out more about how to find your condensate pipe, and what to do if it freezes during winter.

Why are my radiators cold?

We all know the feeling. We flick the heating on as we walk in the door (or if we’re a techy before we leave work using our phone), but it doesn’t seem to get as warm as it used to. What’s going on? The issue may be in your radiators. Find out more.

Controls and Frost Protection

Fitting a control to your central heating and domestic hot water system will increase the efficiency. Heating controls provide a more comfortable living environment and help to minimise fuel costs. Find out more.

Home Insulation

You’ve read all our top tips. Your boiler has been serviced and given a clean bill of health. You’ve bled your radiators. You’ve insulated your condensate pipe and you’ve checked your controls and heating programmes. So why is your house still cold?! It could all be down to your insulation (or lack of). Find out how to easily and effectively insulate your home here.

Getting your boiler serviced

Your boiler is sometimes seen as the beating heart of your home, providing heat and hot water at the turn of a tap, switch of a button or tap on your phone. Making sure you get your boiler serviced annually can help it stay in top condition. Find out more about the importance of getting your boiler regularly serviced here.

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Vaillant boiler guarantees

Vaillant manufactures robust and durable heating appliances – this is why we can offer you guarantees on boilers of up to 10-years*. If you were to get any defects related to the manufacture of your appliance within the guarantee period, then we will send one of our in-house trained engineers to resolve the problem free of charge.

*Guarantees vary depending on the model of the boiler. Extended guarantees available when installed by a Vaillant Advance installer

Vaillant annual service

In order for your boiler’s guarantee to remain valid for the whole period, you must have it serviced annually. Not only does this keep the guarantee of you appliance valid, it also makes sure that your boiler is safe. If you book with Vaillant, you will have an in-house trained engineer do a 12 point check of your boiler.