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Natural performance with R290 refrigerant

R290 heat pump refrigerant

When eco-friendly heating meets superior performance.

Setting new standards in the heating market is a Vaillant tradition. Protecting the climate and the environment are new challenges that we are taking on today. Autonomous energy devices such as heat pumps, which are powered by renewable energies, are the key to this. As sustainable as they already are, they can always be optimized. Not only in terms of climate protection, but also in terms of manufacturing and economical operation. That' s why we aim to make every component of our products even more sustainable. Therefore, our aroTHERM plus heat pump runs on the natural refrigerant R290.

It has clear advantages compared to other refrigerants: Such as low global warming potential (GWP), high efficiency values and a high flow temperature of up to 75°C, making it perfect for use in existing buildings with radiators.


What is R290 ?

R290 is the technical designation for the natural refrigerant also known as propane. It is already used in many things of our daily life, such as refrigerators, air conditioning or even hairspray – Vaillant is one of the first companies to introduce the environmentally friendly refrigerant in heat pumps.

What is the global warming potential (GWP)?

The higher the worse - GWP is a comparative value that indicates the greenhouse effect of a greenhouse gas, such as a refrigerant, if it were to be released into the environment. The higher the value, the worse the impact on the climate.
Exemplary GWPs of some refrigerants:

  • CO₂: 1
  • R290: 3
  • R32: 675
  • R410A: 2,088
The value indicates how much a given mass of the refrigerant contributes to global warming compared to the same mass of CO₂. R290 has 3 times the climate impact of CO₂ and therefore has a GWP of 3. To calculate the CO₂ impact of a refrigerant, the amount contained in the heat pump is multiplied by its GWP value.

R410A vs. R290

What are the advantages of our aroTHERM with R290?

  • Higher efficency and lower operating costs

    The aroTHERM plus heat pump with R290 has a high output at low outdoor temperatures and an impressive COP of up to 5.4 kW, resulting in over 80% of the required energy coming from the air. Choose the aroTHERM plus for lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency.
  • Ideal for existing buildings with older radiators

    The aroTHERM plus with R290 is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings with radiators that need higher temperatures than those with underfloor heating. It can replace fossil heating systems for flow temperatures up to 75°C, making it a sustainable choice that contributes to climate protection.
  • Increased hot water comfort

    The aroTHERM plus with R290 offers hot water temperatures up to 70°C in heat pump mode, making it ideal for our uniTOWER plus hydraulic solution with a 190-liter storage tank. It provides 25% more hot water than the aroTHERM split, enough for six showers. For greater hot water comfort, select the uniSTOR exclusive in 300-, 400-, or 500-liter capacities.
  • Better for the environment

    The aroTHERM plus is exceptionally eco-friendly and future-proof. R290 is a better refrigerant for the environment, as indicated by its Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 3. It is already the refrigerant of the future, eligible for subsidies, well available and most likely not affected by regulations.