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Hot Water Cylinders from Vaillant

Some boiler systems such as system and regular boilers, require a hot water cylinder as part of their installation. These systems are often installed in larger homes with multiple bathrooms which have a high demand for a constant supply of hot water. For families, a hot water cylinder means that you can run multiple showers, do the washing up and flush the toilet simultaneously without a negative effect on the system.

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The uniSTOR hot water cylinders for heat pumps

The cylinder range designed for heat pumps

  • The cylinders range from 150 up to 300 litres, so they’re suitable for a wide range of properties with different hot water demands
  • They’re specifically designed to work alongside Vaillant heat pumps
  • Their unique integrated coil system ensure maximum heat transfer and helps to reduce running costs and increases hot water performance

The auroSTOR hot water cylinders for solar thermal (discontinued)

The cylinder range designed for our solar thermal system

  • Designed specifically for the Vaillant auroTHERM solar thermal system
  • Caters for all house types with range of hot water cylinders from 200 to 300 litres
  • 100% recyclable in stainless steel with a 25 year outer shell guarantee

Domestic boiler hot water cylinders

uniSTOR range of hot water cylinders

  • Designed perfectly to work with Vaillant System & Regular boilers
  • Slim line, pre plumbed and standard cylinders in the range
  • 25 year guarantee on the cylinder shell, for total peace of mind

1 - 3 of 3 Results

What is a Hot Water Cylinder?

A hot water cylinder is a well-insulated tank which stores water after it’s been heated. Water is heated through your boiler system and is then stored, at temperature, ready for you to use whenever it’s needed. By storing hot water in this way, there’s no need to run the heating system constantly resulting in lower energy bills, without subjecting household members to cold showers.

Do I Need a Hot Water Cylinder?

If you have a system or open vent boiler, heat pump, or solar hot water solutions then you will need a hot water cylinder installed as part of your heating and hot water system.

If you own a home with two plus bathrooms and a high demand for a constant supply of hot water, then installing a heating system which utilises a storage cylinder will ensure your needs are always met. For properties where low pressure is an issue and a pump is needed to support the flow of water to the shower, a hot water cylinder will ensure that water is delivered at the right temperature.

Our range of hot water cylinders are designed to work in perfect harmony with our range of domestic heating solutions. Browse the range below to learn more or talk to a member of our team today for advice about what size or type of cylinder you require, or any other questions you might have.

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