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Our Vaillant Advance Boiler & Heat Pump Installers

To maintain our very high standards and provide the best possible service, we don’t just sell boilers or heat pumps directly to homeowners. Instead, Vaillant boiler and heat pump installations are performed by our exclusive network of installers. By doing this, we ensure you’re given expert knowledge, market-leading products, and receive exceptional service every step of the way - from initial enquiry to successful installation of your boiler or heat pump system.

The benefits of choosing a Vaillant Advance installer for your home heating system

No-obligation free quote

  • A Vaillant Advance Installer will provide you with a free, no obligation quote
  • Expert knowledge to find a heating solution that's right for your needs
  • Advice about the best solution for your heating and hot water requirements

Expert product knowledge

  • Expert product advice for Vaillant boilers, heat pumps, controls and cylinders
  • Product installation provided by an experienced engineer in your local area
  • Provides system cleansing and protective filters where required

Aftercare and servicing

  • Vaillant installers can look after your heating system with an annual service
  • Ensure your warranty remains valid through annual servicing
  • Maintains that your heating system always delivers high efficiency and top performance

About the Vaillant Advance installer scheme

We created the Vaillant Advance installer scheme to ensure that you get the absolute best service possible from start to finish, each and every time. All Vaillant Advance approved installers are either Gas Safe registered (for boiler installations) or MCS accredited (for heat pump installations), and are well-versed in our wide range of gas boilers, heat pumps and renewable energy solutions. This means that they are not only able to help you choose the perfect heating and hot water system for your home, but will also install your chosen Vaillant product to the very highest standards.

A Vaillant Advance installer will provide you with:

  • Expert knowledge to find a Vaillant boiler or heat pump that’s the perfect fit for you
  • A free no-obligation quote on your installation
  • Peace of mind. Our Vaillant Advance installers can offer exclusive extended guarantees, ranging from 5-10 years dependant on your chosen model

Our network of Vaillant Advance installers can be found up and down the country. To find an installer near you, click the link below.

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Note: we always recommend discussing your options with your local installer, they will be able to assess your property and recommend the best product to suit.

Boiler installation FAQs

How do I know my boiler needs replacing?

There are several signs to keep an eye on which would usually indicate your boiler is ready for a replacement.

  • Your boiler is frequently breaking down
  • Your heating bills are becoming too expensive
  • There are strange noises coming from your boiler
  • If you suspect a gas leak (if this is the case, you should call an installer urgently and do not attempt to resolve yourself)
  • Boiler parts are hard to replace due to the age of your boiler and are no longer being manufactured

How do I receive my boiler installation quote?

When you have selected the Vaillant Advance installers that you would like to contact you, they will arrange for a free no-obligation survey of your property. Once they have done this, the installer will suggest a Vaillant heating solution suitable for your heating and hot water needs, giving you a breakdown of product and installation costs.

What happens once I've accepted my quotation?

Once you have accepted a quotation by one of the installers that has done a survey of your property, the installer will arrange a date with you for the installation.

How long does an installation take?

Boiler installations can take up to anywhere between a couple of hours to a few days depending on the manner of the installation. If you are getting a like-for-like swap of your current boiler, this will be less time consuming for the installer and they should be able to complete the job in around 2-4 hours. However, if you’re changing your system completely, e.g. from a system boiler to a combi boiler, this will take much longer to complete due to several external factors from the boiler, including pipework and removing your hot water cylinder.

For heat pump installations, the time it takes depends on the type of heat pump you are having installed. If you are having a ground source heat pump installed for example, this can take a considerable amount of time due to the installation of pipes in the ground, requiring the installer to dig up part of the ground on your property.

When the installer suggests a suitable boiler or heat pump for your property, they should be able to give you a more accurate installation timescale.

What guarantee will I receive for my new boiler or heat pump system?

If you have your boiler or heat pump installed by a Vaillant Advance installer, you will be able to benefit from an exclusive extended guarantee on any Vaillant product. Below is a breakdown of the guarantees available for our range of boilers.



Boiler rangeStandard guaranteeGuarantee when registered with a Vaillant Advance installer
ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ5-year8-year
ecoTEC plus5-year7-year
ecoTEC pro2-year7-year
ecoFIT pure2-year7-year

Please note that 10-year guarantees are also available on some of our boilers. Ask your chosen installer for more information on this when they are surveying your property.

Vaillant heat pump guarantees vary, but you can benefit of one up to a 7-year guarantee when installed by a Vaillant Advance renewable partner.

How can I contact Vaillant directly?

If you’re needing urgent help or if you are still unsure on which installers to pick for your new Vaillant boiler or heat pump installation, you can always call us directly on:0330 1239070. One of our friendly advisors will be happy to assist you.

As the installers listed on this website are not employed, contracted or approved by us, Vaillant cannot accept any responsibility for their workmanship. The terms of the Vaillant Group warranty on the quality of the manufacture of the product remains unaffected.

Vaillant is always interested in receiving feedback on the work carried out by installers listed on our website. If you would like to share your experiences with us, please email us on: