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VRC 470 controller (discontinued)

VRC 470 and VRC 470f

  • Intelligent time and temperature control for central heating and domestic hot water
  • Constantly monitors the outdoor temperature and intelligentally adapts boiler for maximum comfort
  • Wireless version available (VRC 470f model only)
  • Holiday function
  • Automatic summer/winter time change over


Attention: This product is now discontinued, so if you are looking for a new Vaillant control, please refer to the VRC 700.

The VRC 470 is a unique weather compensating control. Constantly monitoring the temperature outside, it intelligently adapts to optimise the boilers output for maximum efficiency and home comfort. Featuring a backlit plain text display with a single rotary knob which, together with numbered screens, make navigation easy. It has time and temperature controls for heating and hot water channels and an additional timed channel for a circulation pump.

Programming for 7 day, 5 day/2 day or 24 hours, operation is possible with 3 different time windows per day with one comfort and set-back temperature for all time periods. Additional features include; set-back temperature, heating and hot water advance, automatic summer to winter changeover, holiday mode, and optimum start/stop. With additional accessories the VRC 470 can be used to control two heating zones and hot water circuits. Simple two-wire low voltage eBUS connections make installing the VRC 470 easy to fit into the boiler fascia for true plug and play flexibility.

Also available is the VRC 470f, a wireless control.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent time and temperature control for heating and domestic hot water.

  • Intelligent time and temperature control for heating and domestic hot water
  • Supplied with outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor temperature
  • Receiver and unit can be fascia or wall mounted
  • Cylinder boost function
  • Automatic summer/winter time change over function
  • Holiday function