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aroCOLLECT module for air-to-water heat pumps

  • Air-to-water stainless steel heat exchanger module for use with flexoTHERM heat pump


aroCOLLECT is an accessory to transform flexoTHERM 400V into an air-to-water heat pump.

Features & benefits

  • Easy installation alongside flexoTHERM heat pump
  • Enables flexoTHERM to be installed as an air source heat pump

With this quiet high-efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger, the flexoTHERM product will operate as a highly efficient air-to-water heat pump.

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The flexoTHERM multi-source heat pump

  • flexoTHERM is one of our greenest heating systems, because it uses renewable sources to create free energy
  • The heat pump come in different sizes of heat output to suit your property, with 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models available
  • It’s simple to install, and features intelligent weather compensating controls and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operation
  • Homeowners can benefit from a range of warranties of up to 7 years parts and labour when installed by a renewable partner