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Simple to use. Simple to install. Our new senso range of controls are designed with simplicity in mind. Thanks to our eBUS intelligent communication protocol, they sync seamlessly with any Vaillant boiler, enabling constant, precise control for increased energy efficiency and ease of use. In fact, the senso controls communicate with our boilers so well, they can almost install themselves.

senso controls scan for compatible components and then guide you through a series of questions and pre-defined settings, ensuring commissioning is quicker and easier than ever.

Find out more about how the senso range can make your life easier below

senso range features and benefits

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Benefits of our new control range

Effortless start-up

Installation assistant for failure-proof system configuration

  • Guided step-by-step commissioning
  • Automatic detection of system components via eBUS, reducing installation time to as little as 2 minutes
  • Checklist for Vaillant’s expansion modules if integrated

Installation Solutions

Control options

  • sensoHOME is a single heating programmable thermostat (available in wired and wireless).
  • sensoCOMFORT can control up to 5 heating circuits and the sensoCOMFORT RF can control up to 3 heating circuits.
  • The sensoCOMFORT can also be used with Vaillant’s renewable products.

Improved usability

Intuitive interaction

  • Clear, large display and high readability of text
  • Fast navigation thanks to clear menu structure
  • New time programme assistant and app* help your customers to set up their heating effortlessly

*sensoNET internet gateway required.

System status

Fast maintenance troubleshooting

  • Compatibility with sensoNET (VR 921) internet gateway enables remote control of entire heating systems
  • In the event of a technical fault, the problem is identified and solved more efficiently
  • Remote diagnostics helps with more time efficient servicing

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All-round weather compensating system control

  • Simple operation for advanced systems with up to five heating circuits
  • Control up to 5 heating zones with the wired sensoCOMFORT and 3 with our wireless model, sensoCOMFORT RF
  • New integrated installation assistant enables failure-proof commissioning in less than 2 minutes
  • Remote control and monitoring of the heating system via our sensoAPP to increase your customer’s comfort
  • Compatible with Vaillant’s renewable appliances
  • Ability to cascade up to 7 boilers


sensoCOMFORT video

How-to video

Control simulator

Brochure (783 kB)


Contemporary programmable room thermostat for highest comfort

  • Manage single heating zones with the sensoHOME and sensoHOME RF (two heating zones can be achieved with the wired sensoHOME, VR 66/2 and VR 92).
  • Weather compensating when installed with an outside temperature sensor
  • Remote control and monitoring of the heating system via our sensoAPP to increase your customer’s comfort


How-to video

Control simulator

Brochure (685 kB)

Our new sensoNET internet gateway can be used with both sensoHOME/RF and sensoCOMFORT/RF to enable remote app control of your heating system. Simply install one of our new controls with the sensoNET gateway and download our sensoAPP from the App Store or Android store to benefit control at a touch of a finger.

sensoNET and sensoAPP

Internet Connectivity

  • Built in Wi-Fi for internet connection – can also hard wire LAN
  • Provides remote app control to sensoHOME and sensoCOMFORT
  • Intuitive app free to download – Android and iOS compatible

Easy installation

  • 2-wire eBUS, 3-pin plug power and Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Setup wizard guides you through app and internet connection

Simple to use

  • Remote access via smart device with intuitive app
  • Energy data monitoring
  • Multiple users easily added
  • Multiple systems/properties controlled from the 1 app/account

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Support for Vaillant Advance installers

Free training courses

As a Vaillant Advance installer you get access to free training courses. Whether you’re familiar with Vaillant controls, or want to find out more about our entire range, we have a variety of courses to suit all needs

Introduction Vaillant Controls - Basic Level Overview

To give an introduction to Vaillant controls and how they work including eBUS, Load and Weather Compensation. Overview of the controls range including features and benefits

New senso Controls Range

This course is aimed at those wanting to learn about Vaillant’s new senso range of controls and is ideally suited to people who already have a basic understanding of Vaillant controls, how they work and differ from 3rd party controls

Vaillant Control Systems – Wiring and Setup

To provide a more in-depth look at product functions, installation, wiring and system setups including wiring centers

  • Digital asset pack – get access to free high-res product imagery and marketing assets to help you promote our brand new range of controls to your customers
  • Get access to printed technical and homeowner literature and get it delivered straight to your door, free of charge
  • Product guarantee match – offer your customers an extended 10-year guarantee on their control when you fit it with one of our products and register both on Advance

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Want to find out more about our brand new range of controls? Register to attend one of our up-coming online training sessions for an exclusive preview of the range.

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