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Learn more about Vaillant products and features


Information on our range of gas boilers

Renewable Products

Everything you need to design and install a renewables system

Renewable Products

Everything you need to design and install the perfect renewables system

Heat Pumps

Air, ground and water source heat pumps

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal panels suitable for use with boilers and heat pumps

System Accessories

A range of controls, cylinders, buffer tanks and more for the perfect system

Heat Pumps

Air, ground and water source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

Heat pumps for air source projects

Water source heat pumps

Heat pumps for water source projects

Ground source heat pumps

Heat pumps for ground source projects


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The Comfort Zone TV advertising campaign

Created for you

A lot goes into creating a comfort zone. Smart technology, innovative design, premium components. But all of that would be no good to anyone without the expertise and high-quality service you provide.

That’s why we’re investing in our Vaillant brand awareness with our new TV ad – to help you grow your business and help even more homeowners across the UK find their comfort zone with Vaillant. As part of this £multi-million investment we've updated our brand promise to homeowners. Vaillant - Comfort for your home.

Watch the new TV advert here

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We want to help you capitalise on the new £multi-million TV and digital advertising campaign. That’s why we’re giving Vaillant Advance installers packs of ready-to-use marketing materials (posters, leaflets, email templates) to help you win more customers.

Once you've become a Vaillant Advance installer, been through our free product training and started registering your installs, you will be listed on our website for homeowners to search for their local Vaillant Advance installer. This will give your business great exposure to local homeowners looking for new heating or service & repair work.

Sign up to Vaillant Advance for free and find out the ways we can help you advance your business, your knowledge and your earnings.

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Out of the box thinking

Cutting-edge research, innovative engineering and high-level manufacturing. Find out about Vaillant's domestic boiler ranges.

Smart Heating Control

The Vaillant vSMART gives you control of your home's heating and hot water anytime, anywhere, from one easy-to-use app.

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Out of guarantee boiler repair line 03301003150. Any questions, comments or just simply need some advice let us know.

Instruction manuals and literature

Looking for the latest literature from Vaillant? Or just need to download an instruction manual? Click here for all Vaillant product ranges.