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Introducing myVAILLANT Pro

Vaillant introduced its eBUS communication technology into its products in 2006. This enables Vaillant appliances to talk to each other and offers data on the performance of the heating system and its components.

This technology now means that Vaillant can support installers to offer their customers extra levels of service and support – using myVAILLANT Pro.

The solution enables installers to remotely monitor their customer boiler installations, with access to detailed performance data, fault code history and offer diagnostic insights – all at the click of button.

Find out how myVAILLANT Pro can help your business. Use our handy demo to explore myVAILLANT Pro and its features today.

Benefits at a glance

Improved service efficiency

Be notified immediately of a fault on a customer's appliance, with insights on how to rectify, so you can plan ahead and have an even more efficient first visit

Diagnostic insights

Data driven insights on failures to aid repairs and spare part identification

Customer management

Easily manage customers in the secure customer database which gives quick visibility of appliance model and serial number

Latest appliance documents

Installation, user instructions with exploded views and wiring diagrams available

Plannable business

Schedule multiple service and repair visits more efficiently by utilising the failure and spare part insights provided

Intelligent repairs

Improved first-time fix rates by knowing what parts you need before you arrive

Detailed fault and status history and information

Time and date stamped service and fault history for each connected appliance and the latest fault information available for all supported appliances

Installation and manufacturing date

Complete transparency of the appliance production and installation

Remotely monitor appliance and thermostat

Easily review appliance data points whilst on the move and manage customer's time programmes set on their thermostat

Coming soon: Guarantee status

Always be aware of which appliances are in or out of guarantee

We’re continuously developing new features, to help our installers work even more efficiently. We’ve further developed myVAILLANT Pro to include some new and exciting features, including:

  • Added payment options – to help you update your account / tiers at your convenience.
  • Resending consent emails to homeowners - Meaning you can now re-send the consent email to the homeowner should they miss the first email – previously they had to delete the homeowners account and re-add it.
  • Live monitoring – giving you the ability to see the status of the heating system, live – wherever you are.
  • Water pressure monitoring – as we know, some faults can occur due to low water pressure which, with the correct guidance can be rectified by the homeowner, saving you time.
  • Add boilers from your Advance registrations – Advance and myVAILLANT Pro are now synced, meaning you can add a new boiler directly from your Advance registrations - no more typing in the serial number twice!

Getting started with myVAILLANT Pro

Get started with myVAILLANT Pro in 3 easy steps

1. Download the app for free for iOS or Android

The app can be easily accessed directly through the myVAILLANT Pro website or by downloading the iOS or Android app.

2. Sign in with Advance

To access myVAILLANT Pro, an active Vaillant Advance account is required. Not already a Vaillant Advance member? Click here to sign up

3. Get started

Set up is complete! Start adding customer and providing peace of mind with myVAILLANT Pro.


Vaillant is proud in ensuring myVAILLANT Pro is secured for today and tomorrow.

Additionally, all Vaillant products are tested and approved by the VDE institute, an independent and neutral European technical-scientific association that tests and certifies electro technical devices, components and systems. Products carrying the VDE mark have been independently assessed international standards and legal protection requirements.

You can therefore rest assured that Vaillant products are secured and protected to the highest level.

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