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Precision control of Vaillant boilers

Only a Vaillant control can speak Vaillant

Thanks to the precise engineering of our eBUS software, Vaillant controls speak a dedicated language - one that lets them do more than turn a boiler on and off.

It enables constant precision control, so there's no wastage, more power, increased efficiency and cost saving for your customers. Now that's a language we can all speak.

Why choose Vaillant controls?

Intelligently modulate your system with our range of controls

Selling Vaillant controls to homeowners

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Why choose Vaillant controls?

What is eBUS?

eBUS is the language used by Vaillant products so they can talk to each other. It is this intelligent communication that allows Vaillant boilers to carry out more complex decisions rather than just turning on and off.

eBUS allows our products to make decisions based on what your heating system requires. For example, eBUS allows our controls to activate your boiler at only 20% modulation if only a slight increase in room temperature is required. It’s this modulation that makes the boiler run at its most efficient point. This process is called enhanced load compensation.

Industry leading diagnostics

eBUS captures data points across the whole heating system. With this data, it can send fault codes and alerts to Vaillant appliances to alert the user to any issues. It also notifies when services are due. These alerts can be sent to a mobile device if an app is installed. For more information, go to our serviceASSIST page.

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Intelligently modulate your system with our range of controls

Find out how weather compensation and load compensation help increase efficiency and performance

Weather compensation

What is weather compensation?

The weather compensation feature on Vaillant’s smart controls uses weather forecast data to understand the outside temperature. It then adjusts the heat going to the radiators or underfloor heating systems for optimum efficiency.

When the outside weather temperature is forecast to drop, a Vaillant smart control will increase the temperature going to your heating system to ensure it reaches the temperature set for optimum comfort. Likewise, when the temperature is forecast to rise, the weather compensation feature reduces the output of the boiler to ensure it is operating with maximum efficiency.

The VRC 700 and VRC 700f can work more accurately, as it can be fitted with an outside sensor. This sensor ensures the weather compensation feature is using live data for ultimate heating comfort and efficiency.

All of these smart controls learn the thermal behaviour of the building and use weather compensation to adjust temperature automatically.

Enhanced load compensation

Traditional on/off thermostat

A traditional thermostat senses the temperature and heats or cools the water going to the radiators. It instructs the boiler to work at 100% until the required set temperature is achieved.

Intelligent load compensating thermostat

Enhanced load compensation is a feature that automatically adjusts the temperature of the water leaving the boiler and entering the heating system (radiators or underfloor heating).

It works with a room thermostat to determine the amount of energy needed to reach the desired temperature. When only a small increase is required to meet the set temperature, the boiler will work at a reduced output to use the minimum amount of energy needed.

So, not only is your customer’s home at the perfect temperature for maximum comfort, this feature saves money and energy, as well as improving the lifetime of the boiler.

Selling Vaillant controls to homeowners

The introduction of Boiler Plus has brought the importance of installing controls and other energy efficiency measures into the spotlight. Although they have been designed to help reduce energy consumption and lower bills, and are now a legal requirement, it’s not always easy to convince customers to spend more upfront. So, here are some of the key things to consider when talking to customers to help you successfully upsell controls:

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