auroTHERM exclusive VTK 570 (discontinued)

Vacuum tube solar collectors

  • Standardised roof bracket system
  • Vertical collector available for on-roof and flat roof installations with mounting bracket options
  • Up to six collectors can be connected in a series
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)


High efficiency vacuum tube collectors

Each collector is delivered pre-assembled with six tubes per collector and is compact and lightweight for ease of installation. Each tube is manufactured using toughened glass that is internally coated with a special high selective absorber, making the auroTHERM exclusive one of the most efficient collectors in its class. What’s more, the tubes have the benefit of a 10-year guarantee against loss of vacuum and, if necessary, can be replaced without draining down the solar system - meaning low maintenance all year round.

Features and benefits

  • High performance - Vaillant’s highest annual solar yield per square metre
  • Small and lightweight design - For ease of installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Multiple collectors can be connected in series using black anodised roof brackets that provide a neat and visually attractive finish
  • Fully assembled - Saving time during installtion
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) - Each tube has an external CPC to ensure that solar radiation is efficiently directed toward the centre of each tube. The CPC has a ceramic coating to limit the build-up of dirt
  • Up to six collectors can be connected in a series - Giving larger outputs to suit most domestic properties (larger arrays are available but require careful planning. Details available upon request)
  • Vertical collector available for on-roof and flat roof installations with mounting bracket options - Giving you mounting options to suit various roof tile types
  • MCS accredited - Qualifies for various government incentives
  • Double width panels available



VTK 570/2VTK 1140/2
auroTHERM exclusive
Number of tubes612
(Aperture) DIN4757-4 or EN1297564,20%64,20%
C1 with wind, or on aperture0,885 W/(m2k)0,885 W/(m2k)
C2 with wind, or on aperture0,001 W/(m2k2)0,001 W/(m2k2)
K (50), or on aperture11
K (50), or on aperture0,90,9
Yield forecast (location:Wurzburg, 5m2 aperture, 300 litre cylinder, 4 people)586 kWh/m2a586 kWh/m2a
Peak output per collector module W642 W1278 W
Area-related heat capacity8,3 kJ/(m2k)8,3 kJ/(m2k)
Volume flow (per m2 of collector surface)24 I/(m2h)24 I/(m2h)
Minimum volume flow in the solar circuit180 I/h180 I/h
Absolute pressure in the high vacuum10mbar (10 bar)10 mbar (=10 bar)
Alpha absorber absorption> 93.5& (see also ITW test report)> 93.5% (see also ITW report)
Epsilon absorber emission< 6% (see also ITW test report)< 6% (see also ITW report)
Grid dimensions (L x H x D)0.7 x 1.65 x 0.11 m1.39 x 1.65 x 0.11 m
Gross area1,16 m22,3 m2
Aperture surface area1 m22 m2
Absorber surface area1 m22 m2
Collector capacity0,9 I1,8 I
Weight19 kg37 kg
System overpressure, max permissible10 bar10 bar
Shutdown temperture, max272 °C272 °C
Connection width, flow/return15 mm15 mm
Material for the tube collectorAI/1.4301/glass/silicone/PBT/EPDM/TEAI/1.4301/glass/silicone/PBT/EPDM/TE
Material for glass tubesBorosilicate 3.3Borosilicate 3.3
Material for selective absorber layerAluminum nitrideAluminum nitride
Glass tubes (outer diameter/inner diameter/ wall thickness/ tube length)47 / 37 / 1.6 / 150047 / 37 / 1.6 / 1500
Colour (plastic parts)BlackBlack
Thermal shock test02COL282 ITW test number02COL282 ITW test number
Hail impact text in accordance with DIN EN 12975-2435/142448435/142448
Type approval number01-228-77001-228-770
Maximum wind load1,2 kg/Nm21,2 kg/Nm2
Maximum stand snow load5 kg/Nm25 kg/Nm2
On-roof installation angle15-7515-75
Flat roof installation angle30, 45, 6030, 45, 60

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  • Mircogeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited
  • Total system available under one article number
  • Suited for commercial properties

auroSTOR cylinders

  • Easy to clean - High quality VG white powder coating
  • Best in class stand by energy losses
  • Inline front connections
  • Adjustable feet meaning the cylinder can be installed on uneven ground


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Alternative products

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  • Flexible siting options
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