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Glengarnock Bowling and Community Club

When Glengarnock Ironworks Bowling and Community Club wanted to decarbonise the heat used in their pavilion, the age and unique requirements of the building was a challenge. With the club keen to reduce its carbon footprint and energy bill, it started looking at ways to make the building’s heating more sustainable.

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Houlton, Civic Living

As the drive to provide low carbon housing intensifies, modular housing specialist, TopHat were keen to utilise heat pump technology to support their ambition to exceed environmental legislation and performance standard now.

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Set just outside of a market town, a pre-fabricated yoga studio build was in need of a low carbon heating solution to meet the owner's heating and hot water requirements.Keen to use heat pump technology, the aroTHERM plus was the perfect solution to meet the owner's needs.

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Clarks shoes

Clarks’ distribution centre in Kendal was relying on two particularly outdated boilers, one estimated to be 46 years old, the other 32 years old. The project consisted of installing six Vaillant ecoCRAFT 280kW floor standing condensing boilers, to produce a total output of 1,680kW. This resulted in seasonal efficiency improvements of over 25%.

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Maiden Erlegh School

Maiden Erlegh School was in need of a new, more efficient heating and hot water system. After consulting with Hydro Heating Solutions, twelve Vaillant ecoTEC 120kW wall-hung boilers were installed to replace the old atmospheric natural gas boilers.

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Castleman Court, Dorset

Built in 1980, this sheltered housing development comprises a range of 61 flats in studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom configurations with mobility standards. Aster Living needed to replace 6 ageing gas boilers in order to bring the properties up to modern standards of performance and comfort.

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Bourne Grammar School, Lincolnshire

Top performing academy, Bourne Grammar School chose Vaillant to replace their heating and hot water system. Ageing Hoval boilers were replaced with three ecoTEC 120kW boilers together with a Vaillant VCR 103 boiler mounting frame with hydraulics and insulation for ease of installation.

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Cavendish Hotel

Ancient Inn benefits from heating and hot water upgrade where the plant room was incredibly small with no exit for concentric flues so the boilers had to use an old brick chimney with a new flue liner.

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Ballance Street, Bath

1,440kW of heating provided by 12 x Vaillant ecoTEC boilers on rigs. Built in 1972, the Ballance Street block of 196 flats was in need of a replacement heating system but needed a supplier who could keep the heating available to tenants at all times during the upgrade.

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Tate Britain, London

Known as ‘Tate Gallery’ until 2000, the building was opened in 1897 and houses The British Art Collection containing 70,000 artworks by over 3,000 artists dating from 1500 to the present day. The featured project is heating buildings 7 and 12, replacing 3 ageing gas boilers with 3 ecoTEC 100kW boilers together with a Vaillant VCR 53 boiler mounting frame with hydraulics and insulation for ease of installation.

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Roundwood Road, Ossett

The existing floor-standing combi boiler at the property was outdated, energy inefficient and expensive to run. So when the homeowner decided to extend the property, they were keen to use this opportunity to bring their heating technology up to modern standards.

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Wigston, Leicester

Local architect Mr Mistry was searching for a new heating system to replace a gas boiler for his five bedroom home in Leicestershire. After conducting extensive research into renewable heating options, Mr Mistry set his heart on the aroTHERM plus as he was keen to find a more eco-friendly and efficient way of heating his home.

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St. Andrews, Fife

When the Morrow family needed to replace their 20-year-old Vaillant boiler they looked to modernise their home using a renewable solution. As eco-conscious homeowners who had already installed Solar PV, storage batteries and owning an electric car, the Morrow family were adamant about moving away from fossil fuels.

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East Street, Epsom

When Shanly Homes were looking for a standalone hot water solution to meet SAP requirements for their new build apartment complex, they turned to Vaillant for a solution which could meet their specification needs and support their sustainability goals for the project.

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Wells-Next-the-Sea - aroTHERM plus heat pump

This Victorian home started out as three small terraced cottages which were combined into one property by the time Chris Rose and Sarah Wise purchased it in 2001, as a family home for themselves and their two children. As long standing environmental campaigners, Chris and Sarah renovated and updated the property before they moved in, with eco-friendly products and services at the heart of the renovation.

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Betterment Properties project

South-west property developer, Betterment Properties needed to find an alternative solution for their new build site, having previously used system boilers with stored hot water, as well as solar PV roof panels to supply heating and hot water.

Betterment Properties turned to Vaillant who were able to offer a high performance and cost effective alternative which would still meet the SAP energy efficiency design requirements.

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The Lovat Shinty Club

A collaboration between Vaillant and renewable heating installers R&I Cruden, has seen Vaillant’s aroTHERM air-to-water heat pump installed at the historic Scottish sports group - The Lovat Shinty Club.

The Lovat Shinty Club will benefit from an efficient and reliable supply of heating and hot water for its new community pavilion, following the installation of two Vaillant air source heat pumps.

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John Ryan Developments Ltd

Vaillant has worked in partnership with Nottingham based John Ryan Developments (JRD) Ltd on a renewable heating and domestic hot water solution for 12 new care homes.

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Wheeldon Homes

A range of properties on a new build development, from two-bedroom starter to five-bedroom family homes, features a highly efficient and complete heating system from Vaillant featuring boilers, cylinders and controls citing it as a major attraction for prospective homeowners.

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Bromford Housing Association

15 residential properties have been refurbished across two sites to tackle fuel poverty for residents. With no gas available in the village, each property was fitted with an individual heat pump and a new, wet central heating system. This solution minimises the carbon impact on the site and ensures the system is at its most efficient.

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Oberry Fields

Each property on an estate of nine exclusive three, four and five bedroom properties, features a highly efficient flexoTHERM ground source heat pump responsible for heating and hot water requirements. This unique development benefits from reduced running costs for homeowners and a reduced environmental impact for the developer.

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St Peters Court

Designed with the comfort of the occupants in mind, each property in St Peters Court is powered by a Vaillant aroTHERM heat pump for heating and hot water requirements. This unique system was designed and specified for Goulden Simpson Ltd and commissioned by Vaillant's engineers.

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Duncan Edwards Court

An 11-room residential care home benefited from the replacement of 3 non-condensing boilers with a new integrated heating system featuring a combination of Vaillant highly efficient renewable and boiler technology.

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Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH)

LMH is the city's largest housing association who undertook a major regeneration project of refurbishing a number of two or three stroy, pre-1919 terraced houses, including the installation of new Vaillant ecoTEC plus 37kW combi boilers.

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Rivermead House, Derby

When Derby Homes identified Rivermead House as requiring a more efficient heating system to reduce carbon emissions and lower fuel bills for tenants, they turned to Vaillant to find the solution.

To keep costs to a minimum Vaillant helped to upskill the installers to fit the aroTHERM air source heat pump on the balconies of 54 flats.

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Residential Conservation New Road, Solihull

When social housing provider, Bromford, needed to replace old, inefficient storage heaters, they turned to Vaillant and J Tomlinson to find a solution.

New Road is situated in a conservation area where there are strict rules on how the exterior of the properties must look, meaning a creative solution was needed to heat these homes.

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Mosswood Cottage

A heating upgrade at a 3 bedroom property in York saw the homeowners benefit from the installation of a Vaillant aroTHERM Air Source Heat Pump. Installed as part of a hybrid system, in conjunction with existing oil boiler, it’s set to significantly reduce fuel consumption and energy bills. The new system is eligible under the domestic RHI scheme.

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Platt Hill Community Centre, Bolton

The Bolton-based project was designed to improve the energy efficiency of the community centre, with the intention of lowering running costs for the users of the building space. Ultimately, the end goal was to allow the local community to effectively allocate its limited funds towards facilities, services and training, rather than unnecessary energy costs.

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MacArthur Project

In 2014, Dr MacArthur decided to upgrade his property with renewable solutions. The ambition was to upgrade his property to be more energy efficient. Therefore, several energy-saving measures were put in place including a Vaillant aroTHERM air to water heat pump, auroTHERM solar thermal and solar PV.

The install team talk through the installation, explaining each step and providing some useful insights for anyone considering an air to water heat pump hybrid system for their own project.

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Kemp Hall

The Vaillant flexoTHERM heat pump installation designed to deliver a more sustainable and energy efficient future for the owners of a large four-bedroomed detached residential property in Yorkshire. Two flexoTHERM ground source heat pumps (8kW and 11kW) were installed in cascade within the garage of the property to replace the ageing oil-fired boiler.

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Broadfield House

After a major refurbishment and extension project, Broadfield House is a prime example of how retrofitting renewable technology into a residential property can generate outstanding levels of energy efficiency and support a more sustainable future.

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Radipole Mill

This 16th century Radipole Mill in Weymouth was converted into a 5,000 sq ft residence fitted with a modern hydroelectric plant. Chairman of MD group and owner of the property worked with Vaillant to install two 19kW flexoTHERM ground source heat pump systems, powered by hydroelectricity the project can effectively run off-grid.

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Meaden Project

In 2012, the owners of the Meaden House bought a remote 400-year-old farmhouse near Peterborough, with plans to build a sustainable home. The ambition was for the finished house to cost as little as possible to run to minimise their monthly outgoings. As the property was in an off-gas area and had 1.5 acres of land, a ground source heat pump was suggested as an ideal solution. Watch a video to see how the project evolved.

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Scandia Hus

Energy Efficient timber frame self-built show home in West Sussex, demonstrates an eco-friendly, reliable and achievable renewable heating system in action.

Vaillant worked together with Scandia-Hus to demonstrate a renewable heating system in action. The timber framed show home, based in West Sussex, combines energy and efficiency with all the comforts of a stylish, modern home and shows the reliability and potential of renewable systems in a modern self-build home. The use of the Vaillant geoTHERM ground source heat pump makes an eco-friendly home attainable.

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Beech House

Having already installed solar panels, homeowners of a four bedroomed detached property wanted to explore the use of renewable technologies to heat their home. Installers, Go Eco Renewables, carried out a detailed survey to specify an 11kW flexoTHERM ground source heat pump.

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