“The Vaillant ethos is very similar to ours. We care about delivering value – and that doesn’t just mean the cheapest solution. We need to be able to fit the most economical boiler where it’s best going to meet the requirements for each different house.

The Vaillant technical team are second-to-none when it comes to assessing each property and getting the criteria just right. And the design team are incredibly responsive. With Vaillant, we’ve found a match just right for us.”

Dan Saxton

Chartford Homes

"We moved from a rival manufacturer to Vaillant over 15 year ago and have never looked back. The quality, performance, value and international leading name, makes the specification of Vaillant boilers a must for us. The sales and support back up are first rate. The engineering, sustainability support and synergies with the renewable elements fit really well with our high level of quality specification and green ethos. The controls available smash through SAP and Part L, giving us savings opportunities in other fabric areas."

Scott Leather

Erris Homes

“For us, it’s all about keeping it simple. No one ever bought a property because of the choice of boiler – so what people are after is trusted brand with a great reputation at the right price. That’s why Vaillant makes sense for us.

Their boilers are reliable and high performance. We know that whatever the property size, Vaillant will fit the most efficient choice. And the five-year warranty means all our homeowners have peace of mind. It’s as simple as that.”

Mark White,

Bargate Homes

“Wandsworth Borough Council have been installing Vaillant boilers for a number of years. Vaillant are our preferred boiler manufacturer due to the fantastic efficiency levels, long lifespan, high performance and great controllability of their products.”

Peter Hedges, Heating Manager,

Wandsworth Borough Council

“Vaillant have provided our tenants with an improved product and service. We are installing more new Vaillant boilers every year. Reliable product and service to support makes my life a lot easier.”

Howard Worwood, Gas Production Supervisor,

Severn Vale Housing

“Moat have been installing Vaillant boilers for many years. Vaillant provide reliability, serviceability, best value and efficiencies of their extensive product range”

Jason Amos, Director of Property Services,


"Thakeham is proud of its partnership with Vaillant Group UK. Having worked closely with Vaillant Group UK to develop a boiler specification that was cost efficient, beneficial for SAP calculations and worked with all standard house types.

Thakeham is excited to continue this relationship and produce further successful results on future projects."

Adam Eaton,

Thakeham Group

“The best thing about Vaillant for us is the service. They always go the extra mile to make sure we’ve got everything we need to make our customers happy. You just can’t put a value on that level of service.

I’ve never known a supplier that offers us training for the products – and knows enough about our business to recommend precisely the right model that’s going to deliver the highest performance and maximum efficiency. I’ve nothing but praise for Vaillant and the way they do business.”

Marco Dimuccio,

Wynyard Homes

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ property for Shanly Homes – every property and every development provides us an opportunity for individuality.

Therefore we require a heating solutions partner for every situation: from Combination boilers that can fit in a kitchen cupboard to systems delivering enough hot water for three bathrooms at the same time.

Vaillant provide Shanly Homes with quality products to cover the wide range of solutions required.

Andy Howard,

Shanly Homes

“Willerby were confident Vaillant would be able to provide cost-effective, energy efficiency heating systems for our homes. The easy installation of the Vaillant ecoTEC range made the whole process straightforward.”

Phil Parks,

Innovations Technical Sales Manager, Willerby

“We have worked very closely with Vaillant for many years and have always had a strong, reliable and trustworthy relationship. The service and support that we receive has always been of a high standard.”

Jane Druckers, Procurement Officer,

Wales and West Housing

“The Acis Group have been successfully using Vaillant for years. We specified them on the promise of quality and reduced lifecycle costs. Our repairs section are gradually benefiting from this decision.”

James Hamilton, Project Manager

Acis Group