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Your local Key Account Managers

For more information, please find contact details below

Central team

Key Account ManagerPost CodeTelephone NumberEmail Address
Greg WilsonB CV DE DY NG LE NN ST SY TF WR WS WV07951 204824greg.wilson@vaillant-group.com
Rhys MorganBA BS CF DT EX GL HR LD NP PL SA SN TA TQ TR07802 673754rhys.morgan@vaillant-group.com
Matt BealesPE CB CO IP NR LN07802 673752matt.beales@vaillant-group.com

North team

Key Account ManagerPost CodeTelephone NumberEmail Address
Neil NoadesCA DH DL HG LA NE SR TS YO07802 673755neil.noades@vaillant-group.com
Jonathan NisbetBD DN HD HU HX LS S WF07736 742402jonathan.nisbet@vaillant-group.com
Liam RoddaBB DN HD HU HX LS S WF07534 910208liam.rodda@vaillant-group.com

South team

Key Account ManagerPost CodeTelephone NumberEmail Address
Lee BlandLU MK OX SG HP AL EN CM07802 673753lee.bland@vaillant-group.com
Garry Scott-ParkerPO BH SO SP GU RG07984 551446garry.scott-parker@vaillant-group.com
Ken GilbeyCT ME TN BN CR BR SW RH07977 994249ken.gilbey@vaillant-group.com
Sam MarsdenSS N E DA EC IG RM SM SE07802 673745sam.marsden@vaillant-group.com
Lynn De'SouzaWD SL NW W UB HA TW WC KT07583 050381lynn.desouza@vaillant-group.com


Key Account ManagerTelephone NumberEmail Address
Peter Kelly07802 673439peter.kelly@vaillant-group.com
Matt Murray07802 673743matt.murray@vaillant-group.com

Specification Directors

Specification DirectorRegionTelephone NumberEmail Address
Paul JonesNorth07534 910207paul.jones@vaillant-group.com
Manuel PulettiCentral07768 532145manuel.puletti@vaillant-group.com
Gary DillSouth07798 504686gary.dill@vaillant-group.com
Matt ClarkeScotland07767 377531matt.clarke@vaillant-group.com