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flexoTHERM water source heat pump

flexoTHERM and fluoCOLLECT for water source applications

  • Combine flexoTHERM with fluoCOLLECT for water source applications
  • Available in eight models covering 230V (5, 8 and 11kW) and 400V (5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models)
  • ErP A+++ rated for both hot water and heating efficiency when used with Vaillant controls
  • Dimensions in mm (5kW): W 595 x H 1185 x D 600


flexoTHERM with fluoCOLLECT water-to-water stainless steel heat exchanger acts as an alternative to a ground loop heat pump and can be specified in a wide variety of social housing or new build developments.

Water source heat pump systems are ideal for developments with a suitable water source onsite, such as a lake, river or stream. Using a fluoCOLLECT alongside a flexoTHERM enables the occupier to benefit from consistent water temperatures for hot water and heating.

With the water source system pipework being submerged, it is also a viable option for projects that are especially aesthetically sensitive and require minimal visual impact, during installation and once completed.

flexoTHERM and fluoCOLLECT are MCS accredited, so may qualify for the RHI scheme.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 230V and 400V - 230V heat pump is available in 5, 8 and 11kW models. 400V heat pump is available in 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models
  • More power, more efficiency - Integrated EVI super compressor, injects additional refrigerant into the compression cycle
  • Exceptionally quiet - With noise levels as low as a modern refrigerator - 42dB(A), flexoTHERM has earned the ‘Quiet Mark’ approval (excludes 230V range)
  • High quality and sustainable - Green iQ technology aids in future-proofing the product and ensures optimum efficiency performance and sustainability
  • Ability to cascade up to seven flexoTHERM heat pumps - Suitable for larger dwelling and developments
  • Ideal for aesthetically sensitive projects - Minimal visual impact both during and after installation.



Technical dataUnit5kW 230V8kW 230V11kW 230V5kW 400vV8kW 400V11kW 400V15kW 400V19kW 400V
Heat source module VWW 11/4 SIVWW 11/4 SIVWW 11/4 SIVWW 11/4 SIVWW 11/4 SIVWW 11/4 SIVWW 19/4 SIVWW 19/4 SI
Nominal flow of groundwater at ∆T 3K with W10/W35l/h13002160310014502240352054805480
Brine fluid type Ethylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volumeEthylene glycol 30% volume
Minimum flow temperature heating°C2525252525252525
Maximum flow temperature heating with compressor°C6565656565656565
Nominal flow rate ∆T 8Kl/h710112015106801130142018702610
Energy-related Products*BandA+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++

*Reported efficiency when used with a VRC 700 / VRC700f controller