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Case Studies

MacArthur Project – Air to Water Hybrid System with Solar Thermal and PV Panels

In 2014, Dr MacArthur decided to upgrade his property with renewable solutions. The ambition was to upgrade his property to be more energy efficient. Therefore, several energy-saving measures were put in place including a Vaillant aroTHERM air to water heat pump, auroTHERM solar thermal and solar PV.

The install team talk through the installation, explaining each step and providing some useful insights for anyone considering an air to water heat pump hybrid system for their own project.

Mosswood Cottage - Air-to-water Hybrid system

A heating upgrade at a 3 bedroom property in York saw the homeowners benefit from the installation of a Vaillant aroTHERM Air Source Heat Pump. Installed as part of a hybrid system, in conjunction with existing oil boiler, it’s set to significantly reduce fuel consumption and energy bills. The new system is eligible under the domestic RHI scheme

Liverpool Mutual Homes

Granby Four Streets was given a major regeneration by Liverpool's largest housing assosiation, Liverpool Mutual Homes. In collaboration with Vaillant, the highly efficient ecoTEC plus combination boilers were installed to provide the heating and hot water solution to over 50 properties.

The renovation project has also been named as a recent winner of the much coveted Turner Prize for 2016.

Vaillant Group UK headquarters

In late 2011/early 2012, Vaillant’s headquarters in Belper, Derbyshire was subject to a £3.5 million refurbishment and extension. Home to both the UK manufacturing operation and UK and Western Europe head office functions, the aim was to create a highly efficient, renewable technologies-focused building.

Duncan Edwards Court

The Duncan Edwards Court social housing unit in Appley Bridge, Wigan is a recent Vaillant renewables project. Ground Heat proposed a Vaillant integrated renewables system consisting of an auroTHERM solar thermal array on the roof and two 22kW geoTHERM ground source heat pumps. In addition, an ecoTEC plus 438 boiler provides a back-up and ensures the system is pateurised weekly, raising the temperature from 56 to 65 degrees for an hour.

Meaden Project - Ground Source Heat Pump

In 2012, the owners of the Meaden House bought a remote 400-year-old farmhouse near Peterborough, with plans to build a sustainable home. The ambition was for the finished house to cost as little as possible to run to minimise their monthly outgoings. As the property was in an off-gas area and had 1.5 acres of land, a ground source heat pump was suggested as an ideal solution. Watch a video to see how the project evolved.