#WhyWait, for a sustainable future

With central heating making up 31% of all household emissions, Vaillant has launched our latest multimillion-pound marketing campaign, including a brand-new TV advert, to raise awareness among specifiers and tenants alike of our comprehensive range of efficient heating systems, including heat pumps.

Starting on Monday 5th October, our latest multimillion-pound brand awareness campaign, which includes a brand-new TV advert, highlights the individual impact UK homes can make by having an efficient heating system installed.

And that’s not all. We’re also investing in radio advertising and sponsorship which will be heard by millions across the UK.

You can watch the new TV Ad here

#WhyWait, a new boiler or a heat pump can save emissions and energy bills

Developing new and innovative technology to deliver efficient and sustainable heating solutions is always at the forefront of what we do. Whether it’s a renewable energy source such as a heat pump or a new highly efficient boiler, by upgrading a home heating system, homeowners and tenants can reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills too.

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#WhyWait to specify climate friendly heating

Together, it’s important we look to the future, with the recent launch of the Green Homes Grant, and with the upcoming Future Homes Standard, the direction for our industry is clear. With the awareness of renewables increasing, we’re here to ensure our clients can meet this demand with the back up of sustainable, award winning heating solutions brand.

We’re always focused on the ways we can continue to support our customers. If you’re looking to start specifying renewable heating, are looking for support, or free training, contact us today.

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