VR 81 Remote Control Unit

Room thermostat


The display of the VR 81 shows the current room temperature. With the ‘turn and click’ handling, the desired room temperature can easily be changed. The remote control unit VR 81 has two possible functions: In a single-zone heating system, the VR 81 will be installed on the wall inside a living area while the weather compensator VRC 470 remains in the boiler fascia. When used with a two zone heating system the VR 81 becomes the room thermostat for the second heating zone while the weather compensator VRC 470 or VRC 470f would act as a room thermostat for the first heating zone. For this installation an additional VR 61 wiring centre is required.

Alternative products

Alternative products

ecoTEC exclusive combination boiler range

ecoTEC 832 and 838kw domestic boilers

  • Built-in-Two-Stage frost protection
  • Step by Step full text installation wizard
  • Total system solution available from one manufacturer
  • Removable side panels

VRC 470f

Wireless weather compensating programmable room thermostat

  • Classed as enhanced load compensator adding 3% to the SEDBUK efficiency rating
  • Automatic summer/winter time change over
  • Includes a service reminder function
  • Cylinder boost function