Water to water stainless steel heat exchanger module

  • Vapor diffusion tight casing
  • Easy installation
  • Analogue pressure gauge
  • Brine filling fuction integrated



Complete in a neat and compact case, the fluoCOLLECT is designed for quick installation and fast commissioning with small brine expansion vessel, along with fill and flush points. This water to water heat exchanger module provides an alternative to a ground loop.


  • Vapor diffusion tight casing
  • Easy installation
  • Analogue pressure gauge
  • Brine filling function integrated

Related Products

Related Products


5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW

  • Available in 5, 8, 11, 15 & 19kW
  • Can connect to three different sources - ground, water or air
  • High seasonal SCoP value
  • Comes complete with VRC 700 weather compensating control
  • Integral components - built in ground and heating circulation pumps and three way diverter valve

Heat Pump Cylinders

uniSTOR cylinder range for heat pumps

  • Complete with 3 way valve and adapter making it easier and saving time on install.
  • Comes with unvented kits and expansion vessel
  • Inline front connections, reducing piping issues in smaller, more compact areas


Alternative products

Alternative products

aroTHERM Hybrid system

  • Unique triVAI® intelligent control system
  • Total system solution – Available in an easy to order pack
  • Excellent green credentials
  • Compatible with all boiler systems– Gas, oil & LPG
  • Easy to install and commission

aroTHERM 5, 8, 11 and 15kW

air-to-water heat pump

  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard
  • MCS accredited
  • ErP rated A++
  • Quiet Mark approved

geoTHERM 22 - 46kW

geoTHERM ground source heat pump

  • The only Ground Source Heat Pump Quiet Mark approved
  • Energy yield display
  • All key components integral to the geoTHERM up to 17kW