aroTHERM 5, 8, 11 and 15kW

Air-to-water heat pump

  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard
  • MCS accredited
  • ErP rated A++
  • 'Quiet Mark' approved


aroTHERM is Vaillant’s second generation air-to-water heat pump range. Developed inline with the exacting standards and precision engineering you would expect when you choose Vaillant, this MCS accredited heat pump range will ensure that we have one of the most adaptable heat pump system offerings on the market, ensuring high performance, quality and comfort levels.

Features and benefits:

  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard - Corrosion protection and water repellent to increase the product life time and efficiency. Helps prevent water ‘sticking’ to the evaporator which can lead to ice build-up making the heat pump go into de-icing. Extra corrosion protection against saline (salty) environments increasing the life of the evaporator
  • Tray and Trace Heater - Ensures a quick de-icing even in the most extreme weather conditions. The 30 watt heater comes on when the heat pump is in de-icing mode to make sure that any water running off the evaporator flows freely from the heat pump
  • Inverter driven technology - Modulating compressor - Heat pump only works as hard as is required to heat the property giving increased system efficiency, lower running costs and a longer lasting appliance
  • Low sound power levels from 58 dBA on the 5kW - Recognised independently by the Noise Abatement Society with the “Quiet Mark” as one of the quietest heat pumps on the market
  • High quality you expect from Vaillant - Precision German engineering, built with quality at its centre as well as operating in conditions down to -20°C
  • Monobloc hermetically sealed air-to-water heat pump - Quick and easy to install, with only electrical and water connections required most importantly there is no need for F-gas qualifications for installation
  • MCS accredited (may qualify for government incentives)
  • Solid case design with inbuilt anti-vandalism measure
  • ErP rated A++ when installed with the VRC 700



Heat pump typeMonoblock air/ water heat pumpMonoblock air/ water heat pumpMonoblock air/ water heat pumpMonoblock air/ water heat pump
Flow/return heating connections, boiler side1¼ "1¼ "1¼ "1¼ "
Product dimensions, width970 mm1103 mm1103 mm1103 mm
Product dimensions, height834 mm975 mm975 mm1375 mm
Product dimensions, depth408 mm463 mm463 mm463 mm
Net weight86 kg102 kg126 kg165 kg
Hydraulic lines materialCopperCopperCopperCopper
Hydraulic connections materialBrassBrassBrassBrass
Hydraulic seals materialEPDMEPDMEPDMEPDM
Plate heat exchanger materialAISI 304 stainless steelAISI 304 stainless steelAISI 304 stainless steelAISI 304 stainless steel
Pump casing materialPainted cast ironPainted cast ironPainted cast ironPainted cast iron
Pollution rating2222
Electric connection230/50 V/Hz230/50 V/Hz230/50 V/Hz230/50 V/Hz
Fuse typeT4AT4AT4AT4A
Inverter controller fuseHRC 20/550 A/VHRC 20/550 A/VHRC 20/550 V/HzHRC 20/550 V/Hz
Level of protectionIP 25IP 25IP 25IP 25
Maximum start-up current16 A16 A20 A25 A
Maximum current consumption16 A16 A20 A25 A
Pump power consumption15...70 W15...70 W15...70 W6...87 W
Fan power consumption15...42 W15...42 W15...76 W15...76 Note 2 x
Electrical classificationllll
Overvoltage categoryllllllll
Fan rotational speed550 rpm550 rpm700 rpm600 rpm
Sound power level for A7W35 according to EN 12102 and EN ISO 9614-158 dB(A)59 dB(A)65 dB(A)65 dB(A)
Sound power level for A7W45 according to EN 12102 and EN ISO 9614-158 dB(A)59 dB(A)65 dB(A)65 dB(A)
Sound power level for A7W55 according to EN 12102 and EN ISO 9614-158 dB(A)60 dB(A)66 dB(A)66 dB(A)
Maximum DHW flow temperature60 °C63 °C63 °C63 °C
Minimum air temperature (heating and cylinder charging)-15 °C-20 °C-20 °C-20 °C
Maximum air temperature (heating)28 °C28 °C28 °C28 °C
Maximum air temperature (cylinder charging)46 °C46 °C46 °C46 °C
Max. Air flow2000 m/h2700 m/h3400 m/h5500 m/h
ErP rating (@ 35°C) A++A++A+A++
ErP rating (@ 55°C) A+A++A+A+
Minimum operating pressure0.1 bar0.1 bar0.1 bar0.1 bar
Maximum operating pressure3.0 bar3.0 bar3.0 bar3.0 bar
Heating circuit water contents in the heat pump1.1l1.6l2.1l2.7l
Minimum heating circuit water contents17l21l35l60l
Min. Volume flow rate380l380l540l1200l
Nominal volume flow rate, max. Volume flow rate860l/h1400l/h1900l/h2590l/h
Hydraulic pressure difference640l450l300l370l

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Alternative products

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