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geoTHERM ground source heat pump

A quiet, efficient and economical heat pump that draws on renewable energy

  • When a geoTHERM heat pump is installed in a well-insulated building, it significantly reduces heat loss for greater comfort and lower fuel bills
  • It comes with weather compensating controls as standard, to give you optimum efficiency
  • The clear LED display shows how much energy is being extracted from the ground, so you can see how effectively the heat pump is working
  • It has received a Quiet Mark award which means it’s one of the quietest of it’s type on the market
  • Homeowners can benefit from a range of warranties of up to 7 years parts and labour when installed by a renewable partner


geoTHERM heat pumps are designed to provide comfortable, efficient and sustainable heating around your home by using energy drawn from the ground. It’s range of higher capacity outputs mean geoTHERM is also suitable for larger homes and commercial properties.

What you need to know

  • The geoTHERM is available in a range of outputs to suit any home: 22, 30, 38 and 46kW.
  • In a well-insulated home, the geoTHERM system is an ideal sustainable energy source, protecting you against fluctuating fuel prices.
  • The 10 year guarantee on the heat pump compressor is one of the longest guarantees for any compressor on the market, giving you peace of mind.
  • The geoTHERM is certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme that recognises high standards in renewable energy technologies.
  • As an MCS certified product, you could benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments.

Vital statistics

  • Four models in the range 22kW, 30kW, 38kW and 46kW
  • Dimensions in mm : W 1200 x H 760 x D 900

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The geoTHERM ground source heat pump range22kW30kW38kW46kW
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)1200 x 760 x 9001200 x 760 x 9001200 x 760 x 9001200 x 760 x 900
ErP at 35°CA++A++A++A++
ErP at 55°CA++A++A++A++
Sound power level dB(A)54555661
Maximum flow temperature (°C)62626262

Related Products

Related Products

Vaillant VRC 700 heating control

The complete intelligent control for your central heating and hot water

  • Control multiple heating products from boilers to heat pumps and solar
  • Comfort and control wherever you are using a smartphone app
  • The ultimate in control of your heating room by room
  • Reduce your energy bills by using the minimum energy required

The uniSTOR hot water cylinders for heat pumps

The cylinder range designed for heat pumps

  • The cylinders range from 150 up to 300 litres, so they’re suitable for a wide range of properties with different hot water demands
  • They’re specifically designed to work alongside Vaillant heat pumps
  • Their unique integrated coil system ensure maximum heat transfer and helps to reduce running costs and increases hot water performance
  • The cylinders are made from 100% recyclable stainless steel with an ultra-hard-wearing outer shell that comes with a 25-year guarantee


How to get

It’s fair to say that some of the terminology around renewable products can be complex and sometimes confusing, which is why we always advise talking to a qualified renewable heating engineer who can advise on the best renewable solution for you and your requirements.

Fill out this form, and you will be contacted by a Vaillant Advance renewable engineer shortly.

Once you have been contacted, a renewable heating engineer will arrange an appointment to visit your home, understand your requirements and give you a quote for the installation of you renewable product(s).

Why choose a Vaillant Advance installer?

Advance is Vaillant’s installer loyalty scheme. By choosing a Vaillant Advance Partner, you’re choosing our network of fully trained, independent installers who can offer you exclusive extended Guarantees, as well as a free no obligation quote to ensure your Vaillant boiler is the perfect fit for you and your home.

Alternative products

Alternative products

The flexoTHERM multi-source heat pump

A smart and flexible multi-source heating system that uses renewable heat sources from the ground, water or air

  • flexoTHERM is one of our greenest heating systems, because it uses renewable sources to create free energy
  • The heat pump come in different sizes of heat output to suit your property, with 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW models available
  • It’s simple to install, and features intelligent weather compensating controls and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operation
  • Homeowners can benefit from a range of warranties of up to 7 years parts and labour when installed by a renewable partner

The aroTHERM air-to-water heat pump

Heat pump technology that uses the air outside

  • The pump harnesses naturally renewable resources, so it saves money on your fuel bills and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Homeowners can benefit from a range of warranties of up to 7 years parts and labour when installed by a renewable partner
  • There are four sizes of heat output available, so it’s a good solution for most kinds of property

The aroTHERM hybrid heat pump system

An intelligent renewable heating solution

  • Hybrid heating solution to combine aroTHERM air-to-water heat pump with a traditional boiler
  • Unique triVAI technology to ensure most efficient energy source always used
  • Great first step into a renewable and sustainable heating system for your home
  • Homeowners can benefit from a range of warranties of up to 7 years parts and labour when installed by a renewable partner