auroTHERM exclusive

Solar thermal

  • Vaillant's highest annual solar yeild per sqaure meter
  • Small and lightweight design
  • MCS accredited


The auroTHERM exclusive range of solar thermal systems, are a renewable technology range which can deliver up to 60% of your annual domestic hot water requirements, by installing premium vacuum tube collectors (panels) on the roof of your property, which are connected to an indoor pump system, hot water cylinder and system boiler.

Helping to reduce your carbon emissions at home, and to add value to your property, the auroTHERM exclusive our most efficient and high performing collector panels; the auroTHERM exclusive, achieves the highest annual solar yield due to the innovative tube design of the collector.

The auroTHERM exclusive system achieves greater total solar coverage throughout the year than any other Vaillant solar system, meaning high performance for a longer period of time.

The vacuum tube collector panels have a small footprint which gives more flexibility for siting in a variety of locations on the roof. The design is perfect for vertical on roof or flat roof installations.

As with each of our solar thermal systems the auroTHERM exclusive helps to reduce your carbon emissions at home by lowering boiler dependence for hot water, and can add significant value to your property.

Features & Benefits

The auroTHERM exclusive has many welcoming features and benefits and demonstrates innovative heating technology:

  • Many homes could have solar thermal technology installed alongside a new system boiler. A suitable home will need sufficient roof space for the required number of collectors, and must also be the correct orientation (A south facing roof for example) to benefit from solar thermal radiation
  • A typical upgrade of an existing heating system to a solar thermal system will take between 2-3 days.
  • Innovative collector panel design provides greater solar coverage and efficiency throughout the year.
  • Weatherproof auroTHERM exclusive collector panels feature toughened glass tubes to protect against extreme conditions.
  • Individual tubes are manufactured with a special coating to maximise solar gain.
  • MCS approved for potential funding where applicable.
  • Vacuum tubes panels guaranteed for 10 years against loss of vacuum.



VTK 570/2VTK 1140/2
auroTHERM exclusive
Number of tubes612
Peak output per collector module W642 W1278 W
Area-related heat capacity8,3 kJ/(m2k)8,3 kJ/(m2k)
Volume flow (per m2 of collector surface)24 I/(m2h)24 I/(m2h)
Minium volume flow in the solar circuit180 I/h180 I/h
Absolute pressure in the high vacuum10mbar (10 bar)10 mbar (=10 bar)
Grid dimensions (L x H x D)0.7 x 1.65 x 0.11 m1.39 x 1.65 x 0.11 m
Gross area1,16 m22,3 m2
Aperture surface area1 m22 m2
Absorber surface area1 m22 m2
Collector capacity0,9 I1,8 I
Weight19 kg37 kg
System overpressure, max permissible10 bar10 bar
Shutdown temperture, max272 °C272 °C
Connection width, flow/return15 mm15 mm
Material for the tube collectorAI/1.4301/glass/silicone/PBT/EPDM/TEAI/1.4301/glass/silicone/PBT/EPDM/TE
Material for glass tubesBorosilicate 3.3Borosilicate 3.3
Material for selective absorber layerAluminum nitrideAluminum nitride
Glass tubes (outer diameter/inner diameter/ wall thickness/ tube length)47 / 37 / 1.6 / 150047 / 37 / 1.6 / 1500
Colour (plastic parts)BlackBlack

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