aroTHERM hybrid heat pump

air-to-water hybrid heat pump 5, 8, 11 and 15kW

  • Unique triVAI® intelligent control system
  • Total system solution – Available in an easy to order pack
  • Excellent green credentials
  • Compatible with all boiler systems– Gas, oil & LPG
  • Easy to install and commission


The aroTHERM hybrid system has been developed for those properties that have heat loss outside the scope of a single heat pump and/or have a relatively new heating system which can be costly to run.

Using the unique Vaillant triVAI hybrid management system, the VRC 700 control calculates the most efficient generator (the aroTHERM or gas, oil or LPG boiler) at that point in time.

Features and benefits:

  • Unique triVAI intelligent control system – Three possibility energy tariffs can be entered to allow for the maximum cost savings.
  • Total system solutions – Available in an easy to order pack.
  • Excellent green credentials – Provides significant carbon and energy saving bill savings.
  • Compatible with all boiler systems – Gas, oil and LPG.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – Glycol only needed in the outdoor circuit to the heat pump.
  • Easy to install and commission – Uses the Vaillant setup wizard.

Related Products

Related Products

VRC 700

Wired weather compensating programmable room thermostat

  • Works with complete range of Vaillant boilers Works with our complete range of boilers
  • Flexible time programs
  • Works with S & Y Plan systems
  • Clear, high contrast backlit display

Heat pump cylinders

uniSTOR cylinder range for heat pumps

  • Complete with three-way valve and adapter making it easier and saving time on install.
  • Comes with unvented kits and expansion vessel
  • Inline front connections, reducing piping issues in smaller, more compact areas

ecoTEC pro 24, 28 and 30kW

ecoTEC pro combination boiler

  • Removable side panels and push-fit flue system
  • Fully modulating low NOx burner and fan
  • Dedicated models available for LPG
  • ErP rated A
  • 5 year warranty available with options up to 10 years when registered through Vaillant Advance

ecoTEC plus combination boilers

ecoTEC plus combination boilers

  • Which? Best Buy awarded
  • Step by Step full text installation wizard
  • Dedicated models available for LPG
  • ErP rated A
  • 7 year warranty available with options up to 10 years when registered through Vaillant Advance


Alternative products

Alternative products


5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW

  • Available in 5, 8, 11, 15 & 19kW
  • Can connect to three different sources - ground, water or air
  • High seasonal SCoP value
  • Integral components - built in ground and heating circulation pumps and three way diverter valve

aroTHERM 5, 8, 11 and 15kW

air-to-water heat pump

  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard
  • Monobloc hermetically sealed air to water heat pump
  • Ready for future European legislation

geoTHERM 22 - 46kW

Ground source heat pump

  • Mircogeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited
  • Vaillant weather compensated controls included
  • 10 guarantee on the compressor