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Now is the best time to replace your heating system.


Modern heating technology makes an important contribution to climate protection. Outdated heating systems increasingly pollute the environment whereas new heating systems are now highly efficient.

There is an awareness that we should be thinking about switching to electric cars… but, what most people do not realise, is that heating and hot water for UK buildings make up 40% of our energy consumption and one fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, the Committee on Climate Change show that heating and generating hot water for our homes will be the biggest contributor to carbon emissions for households by 2030.*

However, modern heating can be future-proof. It has become particularly clear over the last few months how important a comfortable home is, and a functioning heating system with a reliable hot water supply plays a major role in this.

Government incentives are also now available for switching to some heating systems and these grants do not need to be repaid.

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Upgrading your heating system can not only help to improve the environmental credentials of your home, but it could also help reduce your energy consumption and costs and also increase your comfort.

Whether you're thinking of upgrading to a more efficient boiler or switching to a heat pump...

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More Information: Heat pumps

Heat Pumps are particularly climate-friendly because they get around 2/3 of their energy from the environment. This is the most climate-friendly way of heating. This is also the reason why heat pumps receive government funding.


Heat pumps are future-proof because the environmental heat will always be available. Plus, heat pumps are not only suitable for new buildings, but are also ideal for renovations - like our new aroTHERM plus.

See more reasons on why you should choose a heat pump:

Saves cost

A heat pump can bring lower heating costs than gas and oil-fired heating systems, saving you money over the lifetime of the system.


The entire system can be conveniently controlled with an app. This means that the system can also be integrated into a smart home system when installed with a VR 920 gateway.

Super quiet

Vaillant heat pumps are among the quietest on the market. The Sound Safe system ensures that you or your neighbours are not disturbed by noise.

Ideal for new builds and modernisation projects

Heat pumps are not just for brand new homes, you can retrofit them into existing properties.

Government cash back

All Vaillant heat pumps are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when installed by an MCS registered engineer. The RHI scheme could give you quarterly payments for seven years if you install, or have already installed, renewable technology to heat your home.

Saves CO₂

A heat pump can lower your CO₂ emissions compared to gas and oil-fired heating systems, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

More information: Boilers

  • The average UK household spends £646 per year on their gas bills based on 15,000 kWh consumption.[1]
  • The average semi-detached house in the UK saves £540 and the average detached house saves more than £800 on their heating bills when they replace a ErP G rated boiler with an A rated one.[2]
  • Switching to a new Vaillant ecoTEC boiler operating at a maximum of 94% efficiency could reduce your energy use by 30%.[3]


Our ecoTEC exclusive is the best in the business. It has our unique Green iQ mark which means it gives you the ultimate in energy efficiency, the lowest fuel consumption and lowest running costs.

See more reasons why you should choose an efficient boiler with Green IQ:


The ecoTEC exclusive range is our most climate-friendly boiler, with 85% of parts being recyclable at the end of its life.


The ecoTEC exclusive with Green IQ can adapt itself, using an inbuilt passive flue gas heat recovery, the boiler will always give you the precise level of heat you need – which means less waste and lower fuel bills.

Smart control of your heating

Compatible with our latest controls, you can have the power to control your boiler from your smart phone or tablet.

Quiet Mark approved

The ecoTEC exclusive with Green IQ is one of the quietest in its category.

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