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We don’t just talk about sustainability, we live it. And we’ve been doing so for decades.

Choose long-lasting quality from Vaillant – and enjoy the benefits of our all-green products. Why wait?

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Sustainable quality with long-term benefits – for you and the environment.

If you choose a Vaillant product, you can be sure it meets the highest quality standards – and that you’ll be reaping the benefits for many years to come. Our 6 Green Rules, which commit us to sustainability and exceptional quality right across the board. The testing our products undergo to ensure their quality also goes well beyond the norm.

Sustainability in practice: our 6 Green Rules

Energy efficiency

We stand for sustainable and energy-efficient products, innovation, resource protection and low-emission technologies.

Our aroTHERM plus heat pump is the flexible solution for new and existing buildings and offers the opportunity to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, with zero emissions at the point of use.


We guarantee durable and robust products thanks to the use of high-quality materials. Diligence and precision lie at the heart of our corporate image, and reinforce our high quality standards. The wide range of state-of-the-art tests under climatic, technical and physical operating conditions ensures the best quality and very long service life of our devices.


We act responsibly when selecting materials and suppliers, and take an environmentally friendly approach to production and logistics. For instance, our products are made with a high metal content to give them a longer lifespan. Together with our suppliers we develop a zero-defect strategy along the entire value chain, with our production sites already using green electricity.


We offer an excellent quality of service and we guarantee that spare parts will be available up to 15 years after installation. Our appliances are also easily accessible for repairs. With the excellent repair-ability we extend our products’ lifespan, which in turn reduces waste and saves resources.


We make intelligent and user-friendly products that are easy to install and use. That includes intuitive controls, smart home apps and transparent energy monitoring to help users run their appliances more efficiently.

End of life

We’re committed to conserving natural resources and eco-friendly disposal of products. We design our products for maximum recyclability and make sure as many of the materials as possible can be reused.

Tested, tested and tested again: long-lasting quality from Vaillant.

Over 350 individual tests at over 180 state-of-the-art testing stations across nine different lab departments: at the new Johann Vaillant Technology Center, our products and technologies are really put through their paces to prove their exceptional quality.

Reliable come wind or rain

To ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of our products, they are tested in extreme conditions. For instance, in our climatic chambers we check how well they function at extreme temperatures and different humidity levels. In the rain lab, we simulate pouring rain with water pressures up to 12.5 l/min. Meanwhile, the salt spray test measures our products’ corrosion resistance. Taken together, these tests demonstrate that no matter the environmental conditions, our heating appliances will keep working reliably for many, many years.

Every imaginable scenario. And a few more besides

We also test for electromagnetic compatibility. After all, you don’t want Wi-Fi, smartphones and other devices to interfere with your heating systems and their controls – or the other way round, for that matter.

Plus, in the centre’s new drop test room, we test the robustness of our appliances and their packaging by dropping them from a height of 50 cm. That allows us to check that the packaging will protect the appliances and prevent any damage during transport.

At the Johann Vaillant Technology Centre, we run tests at every single stage of the production process, from the initial prototypes right through to the production-ready models. That’s the only way to make sure we always meet the high quality standards we set ourselves. The overarching goal is to make sure all our products function reliably for a very long time.

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