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Upgrade with a new gas boiler

Improve your heating and hot water - suitable for almost any home

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Upgrade with a highly efficient gas condensing boiler

A good solution for an energy-efficient replacement of your existing heating system is with a new gas condensing boiler.

Among fossil fuel energy sources, gas is the most eco-friendly as it does not leave any residue. New boiler technology uses the condensing effect where heat contained in the extract air is recovered and used. This saves up to 30% of energy, and thus reduces costs.

Advantages of choosing a new gas boiler

Gas-fired condensing system in an old apartment

The Foresters, a family of 4, live on the second floor of an old building. They needed a replacement for their current heating system because the costs of running it were too high and wasn’t performing well enough to meet their high heating and hot water demands.

Once they had spoken to an installer and had them run a full survey of their home, they were advised to replace their current boiler with a modern condensing boiler with a smart controller.

Reliable warmth and hot water comfort

The goal for the Foresters family is to increase the comfort of their home whilst also trying to save money on their energy bills.

  • The ecoTEC plus fulfils all of the Foresters’ heating and hot water demands. Not only is the new boiler efficient in gas, the high-efficiency pump within the boiler uses 50% less current than their old one. Their heating system is now more efficient and will also supply sufficient enough heating and hot water throughout the house at any time. This new combi boiler can be easily mounted anywhere on the wall, for example in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • The Foresters can conveniently control their heating and hot water using the app based control, vSMART.

The breakdown of the Forester family's gas condensing boiler system

Allrounder for heating and hot water: ecoTEC plus

  • Hot water is available within just a few seconds
  • Up to 30% savings on energy and costs thanks to state-of-the-art condensing technology and demand-oriented controls

Smart controller: vSMART

  • Control of your heating and hot water remotely
  • One control for heating and hot water
  • Optional smartphone app for both Android and iOS

Gas-fired condensing system in a detached family home

The Watson family live in a 3 bedroom detached home with 1 bathroom. They currently have a combination boiler to provide their heating and hot water, however, the boiler is over 10 years old and has needed several repairs in recent years. Mr. Watson is now actively looking round to see what could replace his aging combi, that will also improve the efficency of his heating and hot water.

Mr. Watson calls an installer who recommends a new Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive combi boiler, ensuring better hot water performance than the current boiler the Watsons have, and also a dramatic decrease on their fuel bills. This combi boiler increases the cold water temperature from 10 degrees to 14 degrees, meaning the boiler can deliver your hot water more efficiently, saving you energy. It results in over 10% saving in hot water mode over the course of the year. He was astonished to find that this boiler was only around £200 more expensive than the normal equivalent model. Mr. Watson found out that he could be saving £30 per month on his heating and hot water. This meant the additional £200 would be paid back in under the first year.

As it was a straight combi for combi swap over, the work was completed by his installer in a day, and what’s more the new boiler was so quiet that he couldn’t even hear it when it fired up. The Watsons also had a vSMART installed with their new boiler, further increasing the efficiency and enabling them to control their heating and hot water remotely from a mobile app.

The breakdown of the Watson family's gas condensing boiler system

Allrounder for heating and hot water: ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ

  • The best in boiler performance, control and efficiency
  • Hot water is available within just a few seconds
  • Quiet Mark approved, meaning it’s one of the quietest products in its category

Smart controller: vSMART

  • Control of your heating and hot water remotely
  • One control for heating and hot water
  • Optional smartphone app for both Android and iOS

Frequently asked questions

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Service matters

Vaillant boiler guarantees

Vaillant manufactures robust and durable heating appliances – this is why we can offer you guarantees on boilers of up to 10-years*. If you were to get any defects related to the manufacture of your appliance within the guarantee period, then we will send one of our in-house trained engineers to resolve the problem free of charge.

*Guarantees vary depending on the model of the boiler. Extended guarantees available when installed by a Vaillant Advance installer

Vaillant annual service

In order for your boiler’s guarantee to remain valid for the whole period, you must have it serviced annually. Not only does this keep the guarantee of you appliance valid, it also makes sure that your boiler is safe. If you book with Vaillant, you will have an in-house trained engineer do a 12 point check of your boiler.