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Upgrading your heating system

Installing a new, modern heating system at home doesn’t need to be a lengthy process, it can take as little as three days with your local Vaillant heating installer.

When it comes to replacing your heating system, you have the option of keeping the existing energy source, gradually changing it, or completely switching to renewable energy.

Switching to a modern, high-efficiency boiler with condensing technology has significant benefits when it comes to operating costs and has a reduced impact on the environment. Our condensing boilers utilise the heat in the flue gas, resulting in an energy efficiency of up to 98% and can result in reducing your fuel consumption by up to 30% when compared with an older system.

Gas condensing boilers

Gradually switching to renewable energy

Most older gas, oil and electric boilers work inefficiently and emit too much CO₂, with rising fuel prices driving up operating costs. Renewable heating systems enable you to utilise renewable energy and ultimately save on fuel costs.

Moving to renewable energy can be a gradual process, it doesn’t have to be completed all at once. A popular option is a gas boiler combined with a solar thermal system. You can also consider a hybrid heating solution, which for example can combine a gas boiler with a heat pump to switch to the most efficient heating source dependent on temperature and heating demands.

Saving costs with solar

Renewable energy sources can be used with modern heating systems. With this technology, you can generate heat for hot water preparation and for heating support with solar collectors. Combined with modern condensing boilers you can cover about 60% of your hot water and 20% of your heating needs.

Upgrading to solar isn’t a complicated process and can result in significantly reduced heating costs.

Find out more about Vaillant solar collectors

Hybrid systems: renewable energy and gas heating

Are you looking for a small and compact unit which uses renewable energy? Then a hybrid heating system is worth considering.

The hybrid system combines a heat pump with a gas condensing boiler. The units don’t require much space and can be retrofitted to work with available space. This system also has added benefits such as a high level of savings in operational costs.

Find out more about using the Vaillant hybrid system

Completely switching to renewable energy

Are you looking for the most future-proof solution? Then look no further than renewable energy. You save on operating costs, reduce the impact on the environment and in many cases, you can benefit from government subsidies.

Heat pumps: Your own source of energy

Modern heat pumps use the heat from the air, the water or the ground for heating and hot water. The environment delivers around 75% of your energy requirements. This energy is available all year round and in unlimited quantities. A heat pump works in a very environmentally friendly way because it produces no emissions.

An air to water heat pump is often a great solution for replacing existing heating systems, as no major renovations are needed and the conversion cost and purchase price are low.

Your home should have large heating surfaces that allow the heat pump to operate at low flow temperatures. The lower the required flow temperature, the greater the efficiency. An additional area that can offer further energy efficiency, is having a well-insulated home.

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Replacing your heating system: subsidies

There are different financial subsidies available when installing heating systems with renewable energy. These subsidies will help provide regular payments over a number of years to effectively pay back the investment over time. Find out more about available subsidies below.

Find out more about subsidies and save money

The right heating system

To find the perfect solution for your home, speak with your local Vaillant heating installer for further advice and support.

Find an installer

If you would like to contact a Vaillant Renewable Heating installer, click here.

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